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YogaClub Review: I Tried My First Workout Clothing Subscription Box!

This is a sponsored post. YogaClub provided a box for me to try in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

I don’t know about you, but I have always been curious to try out a subscription service where someone picks out my outfit. Since I spend a good deal of my time in workout clothes, I thought it would be fun to try out a workout clothes subscription box. 

I’ve known about YogaClub for years and I felt like they seemed to have the best deal and quality of clothes. I reached out to them and they were kind enough to send me a box of workout clothes to try in exchange for a review! Here’s what I thought. 

My YogaClub Review

Signing Up

I signed up with my email address and took a style quiz to pick out my general preference with workout clothes. You can choose neutrals, prints, brighter colors, long leggings, cropped, t-shirt or tank…they really go in depth to get the best idea of what you like and don’t like. It was really quite fun to take! 

Once I finished the quiz they sent off my results to an outfit curator to pick out the perfect outfit for me. This process took about a week, a little slow when you’re excited to get your box. It took about another week for the box to get to me. Again, I felt it was a little slow but I was just excited to see my outfit!


My outfit FINALLY arrived in a cute pink box (you can’t miss it lol). My outfit was neatly folded and wrapped in nice paper which I thought was a classy touch. 

First I pulled out a lovely white bra and white tank top (they got that part right, I love white tops!) the quality seemed really good and I liked the simplicity of it and the small unique details like the mesh on the bra and the round bottom of the tank. I then pulled out some soft navy blue leggings. I rarely go for navy as I think it’s pretty boring, but I did think the pattern was cute and flattering!

I tried on the whole outfit and LOVED IT! The leggings were super soft and fit perfectly. Not too tight or too lose anywhere. And it turns out, I really like the navy and white combo. Reminds me of nautical boats and the ocean. The bra fit comfortably and the tank completed the whole outfit.

Watch the unboxing on my IGTV! 


Okay, let’s talk about the price of YogaClub. Membership is $79/month. That may seem pricey, but when you actually look at the price tags of the items your getting it’s a HUGE discount. You’ll actually be getting 50% off retail prices on brands like Free People, Niyama Sol, Manduka, & Beyond Yoga! 

The price of my leggings alone was $97. Since I don’t typically spend that much on leggings (ever lol) I thought i was a nice chance to try out different, more expensive brands in a much more affordable way. 

If you happen to get an outfit you don’t love or the sizing is off, you can exchange it with no issues. You can also cancel your membership anytime! 

You can use code: FITANDWELL to save $20 on a YogaClub membership FOR LIFE! I loved it so much I’m signing up for next month too. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed my subscription box experience with YogaClub. I thought it was fun to take the style quiz and be totally surprised by a new outfit. The quality of the workout clothes seems very solid, and they included thoughtful details I liked. I can totally see how it would be motivating to workout when you get a snazzy new outfit every month! 

You can learn more about and sign up for YogaClub here! 


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