How to get out of a fitness rut and feel motivated again! (1)

What to Do if You Feel Stuck in a Fitness Rut

Feeling a little stuck in a fitness rut lately? Maybe any progress you were working towards has stalled, your motivation is lacking, or you’ve been having a hard time staying on track with your meals and workouts lately.

First of all, that’s totally normal! We are all imperfect people and sometimes life just gets in the way of our health and fitness goals no matter how important it is to us.

But that doesn’t mean you should just give up altogether. Consistency and trying over and over is key when it comes to building long-lasting habits and lifestyle changes.

I’ve definitely experienced my own fitness ruts but I’ve learned a few tricks to help me get out of them and excited about my health and fitness goals again.

Here are my top tips to help you get over a fitness rut and back on track!

How to Get Out of A Fitness Rut

1. Mix up your workouts.

jump rope outdoor workout

If you’re anything like me, you like a solid routine. Maybe you even do the same types of exercises every week.

If it’s been a while since you last mixed up your workouts, now is a good time! Pick something to challenge yourself. Maybe sign up for a class or try something completely new.

Our bodies adapt well to the loads (exercise) we place on it, so mixing it up will help us reach our goals faster while preventing boredom.

2. Try a new playlist.

playlist headphones bose

It sounds so simple, but simply revamping an old workout playlist could give you the burst of energy you need to be excited to workout again.

It depends on the workout, but generally, I like upbeat tunes that make me feel happy or excited. So take some time and make your playlist bomb!

3. Learn a new recipe (or two).

healthy keto recipe

If you’ve been struggling with eating healthy meals, maybe you just need some new recipes to make it fun again!

I tend to eat the same foods over and over. Although this can be good and helps me be consistent with a healthy diet, it can get old pretty fast.

I try to find a new healthy recipe every other month or so to keep things interesting and tasting good! It also helps us save money so we eat out less.

4. Take a break.

Maybe the reason you feel you’re in a fitness rut is that you’ve been overdoing it and just need a little break.

Take a couple days off and get extra rest and do some self-love activities. Maybe take yourself for a manicure, get a massage, or just enjoy a tasty meal and your favorite show.

Taking some time off can help you recharge and come back with more motivation to work towards your goals.

Luckily, a fitness rut doesn’t have to last long, and if you change up some things in your routine you should feel back to normal in no time.


How to get out of a fitness rut and feel motivated again!

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