The Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress Review

Did you know that 1 out of 3 Americans don’t get enough sleep? And by “enough” sleep I mean at least 7 hours for adults ages 18-60. 

Frankly, I’m not surprised. I hear all the time from co-workers, friends, and family about frequent late night outings and waking up far too early. I get tired just hearing about their lack of sleep!

For me personally, sleep is a HUGE priority. I don’t say that to brag. I just get really, really cranky when I don’t get enough sleep. It’s nothing personal, I just need my sleep!

I should probably take this moment to apologize to my roommates over the years for banging on my bedroom wall signaling them to shut up so I could go to sleep. (I’m sorry for what I did when I was tired!)

Fast forward to married life and figuring out how to sleep next to another human. Turns out that can be tricky when your hand-me-down mattress is 50 years old, sinks in the middle, and squeaks like an angry mouse when anyone moves. 

Long story short, we got rid of that mattress and started sleeping on the floor. It actually has some awesome health benefits and is a great option when you don’t have lots of money. 😂

We liked floor sleeping, but we also missed having a normal bed. So you can imagine how excited we were when Tomorrow reached out and asked if I would review their memory foam hybrid mattress and spread the important message of getting more sleep. 

My husband and I have been sleeping on our Tomorrow mattress for about a month now. What do we think? Read my full review to find out! 👇

The Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress Review

tomorrow review

What I Liked

Arrival and Setup

First of all, I’m shocked that a queen mattress could fit in a box shorter than me. It was a pretty heavy box, but once you got it open it was super simple to set up. It came with a neat pamphlet explaining how to set up the mattress and some other tips. 

Just be careful with the little blade cutter they give you to open all the thick plastic surrounding the mattress. I’m a clutz and broke it and then ended up cutting my finger. If you’re scared about cutting yourself just use some scissors. 

Once I released it from the plastic it expanded quick. You’ll probably need another person to lift it onto your bed frame because it is heavy! 


The first thing I noticed was the fabric. It is so luxurious, clean, and cozy. I’m really into grey (yes grey) lately, so the knit grey fabric it sports around the edges is just perfect! I almost don’t want the sheets to cover it!

The memory foam pillows also have a clean, unique design and have a super soft feel. I really like the detail of square cushion pattern they’ve got going. 


What I love the most about Tomorrow is they actually care about sleep. So much that all the detail in their products has research to back it up. You can check out their aesthetically beautiful Instagram to see what I mean. They really know their stuff!

The medium firm mattress has the perfect amount of firm with the right amount of softness. You won’t sink into it like quicksand and not be able to escape. 

You also won’t get too hot like you do with memory foam. It has cooling memory foam to ensure you stay a comfortable temperature while you sleep. I tend to overheat often when I sleep but have felt less hot while on this mattress. My hubby, on the other hand, is always cold, but he hasn’t been overly cold while sleeping on the mattress. Win!

One of the most important features I love is that it doesn’t bounce around when my hubby tosses or turns. It’s very sturdy and I hardly ever feel him moving! 

Sleep Quality 

The first night both of us were worried the bed would be too soft even though we requested the medium firm mattress. We are floor sleepers after all! 

We were both relieved when morning after morning we woke up feeling refreshed. Now we don’t want to get out of bed ever. That might be a complaint? Nah, it’s not. 

The most surprising thing for me is that my sensitive back feels better on the Tomorrow mattress than it did sleeping on the floor. I wasn’t expecting that at all! I still believe floor sleeping is a great option, but I never thought my mattress would make my back feel better. Hopefully, that stays true!

The Foam Pillow 

At first, I didn’t like the pillow. I’m VERY picky when it comes to pillows and essentially made up my mind about the foam pillow before really even trying it out. I’m a side sleeper so I generally like fluffy pillows. 

I don’t know what prompted me to do so, but the last two weeks I decided to sleep on the Tomorrow foam pillow and the strangest thing happened. I actually loved it! My neck felt less stiff in the morning and I slept great. 

It’s much better than normal memory foam pillows where you sink in too far and they end up being rock hard. The foam pillow stayed nice and fluffy with just the right amount of foam feel. It was a very welcome surprise!

tomorrow foam pillow

What I Didn’t Like

The Box?

Hmmm the box was heavy? There’s honestly nothing I don’t like about the Tomorrow Mattress. I guess there’s a reason why they are rated the best hybrid mattress on the web!

The Sheets…Sorta

The sheets have a super luxurious feeling but are little too cooling for the cold weather here in Utah. Our basement apartment is always cold so when we would get into bed with the sheets my poor hubby would be shivering! I think we will give them another try when it warms up in the summer!

Final Thoughts

Overall I’m giving the Tomorrow Mattress a ★★★★★ rating. I really love it, and I’m hard to please when it comes to sleeping and mattresses! 

If you’re interested in Tomorrow and any of their products, I have an awesome treat for you! You can use code: FIT150 to take $150 off a $500 purchase from their website from now until the end of the year! Simply enter my code at check out! (I’ve done the research and this is the most affordable and highest rated hybrid bed on the market right now, especially if you use my code!)

Hopefully, my review was helpful and you give a little more priority to your sleep this week. It’s super important! 

If you have any additional questions about the Tomorrow Mattress let me know in the comments! 



*This is a sponsored blog post. All thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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