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The Best Apps For Wellness

Being healthy and fit is easier than ever with today’s tech. The following are a few of my favorite apps for wellness to help me stay on track with #allthegoals. 

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The Best Apps For Wellness

1. Drink More Water

This app is great for tracking your water intake! You can set the amount of water you prefer to drink each day and set reminders to help you stay on track. Often we have good intentions for staying hydrated but we get busy and forget. This app helped me get into the habit of drinking consistently through the day. Staying hydrated is SO important. Benefits include: better digestion, vibrant skin, reduced muscle fatigue, and healthier kidneys.

2. Lose it!

This app is by far my favorite way to track my food. It has a HUGE database and easy input. It tracks calories, macros, and exercise. DISCLAIMER: I don’t believe in obsessively tracking calories all the time and starving yourself to lose weight. (NO NO NO!!!) However, if you are just starting your weight loss journey or just want to see exactly what you are consuming this app is very helpful. Even if you don’t track your food daily, just tracking it for a few days periodically can help you be more aware of how you are nourishing your body and can help get you on track to healthier habits.

3. HIIT Interval Training Timer

If you’re in to Tabata or need a timer for intervals you can use anywhere, this app is PERFECT.  It allows you to decide how many rounds, length of those rounds, and the rest time in between. It notifies you when you have 3 seconds left and beeps indicating the next time interval. Research continues to show the benefits of interval training, from burning more calories than traditional cardio to increasing your aerobic capacity.

4. Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods app is great for finding tons of healthy recipes, and creating a grocery list. With over 3,000 recipes, it’s like having a cook book in your pocket. The variety of categories make recipes easy to find whether it be a main dish, dessert, or special sauce.

5. Nike Training Club

This app is fantabulous. TONS of workouts with cues, pictures, and video of how to do the exercises! You can choose the length, type, and level whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Workouts range from weight lifting to yoga and anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. A great app if you need to spice up your workout or prefer having a routine to follow.

6. Nike+Running

Why spend tons of money on fancy GPS watches when you can download a free app to track your miles instead? Nike has very reliable GPS tracking to help you log your miles. You can set the distance you want to run or time and get updates while you run. It gives you your pace and you can set “power songs” to help push you through your run. If you’re a runner or would like to be, Nike+Running is a must.

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