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The Best Affordable Wellness Gifts

Gift-giving season is here and to make it a little easier for ya, I’ve rounded up some amazing wellness gifts for the healthy guy or gal in your life. (Click here for the gift guide for fitness lovers too!) 

Don’t worry, I’ve got gift ideas for every budget so you can find something perfect for the wellness guru, whether that’s you or someone you love, happy shopping! 

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$10-$30 Wellness Gifts 

Milk Frother (aka supplement powder mixer) 

Trust me when I say that any wellness enthusiast who enjoys supplements (like protein powder, collagen powder, greens powder etc) will LOVE this little mixer! It’s compact and easily mixes up drinks in cups or mugs and leaves no clumps. No shaker bottle required. 

milk frother wellness gift


Quality Yoga Mat

Give the gift of comfort and a nice, thick yoga mat that any yogi or aspiring practicer would love! 


Nutrition eBook

Does the wellness enthusiast in your life love to learn? If they are looking to know about nutrition, give them an easy, downloadable eBook they can bring with them everywhere! 

Simplified Guide to Nutrition eBook

Essential Oil Diffuser 

Candles aren’t the safest ways to make a home smell amazing. A healthier choice? Diffusing essential oils! A diffuser is a great way to enjoy essential oils and have any room smell fresh. 


Non-toxic Hand Soap

You can do better than plain old Bath and Bodyworks soap. Step up the game with non-toxic soap that still smells amazing (thanks to essential oils!)

non-toxic hand soap for wellness gift ideas

Super Simple Super Clean Plant-Based Protein

Vega plant-based protein is a great choice for any wellness lover. It’s easy to digest, has clean ingredients, and is minimally sweetened. Perfect for after any workout or creating healthy recipes with. 

plant based protein vega

The Gift of Supergreens

Most of us could use some help getting our greens in. This blend from Kos has everything the wellness lover in your life needs to feel her best. 

KOS supergreens mix for wellness gift ideas

High-Quality Essential Oils 

Sure you can grab some cheap (and questionable) essential oils from the grocery store, but I highly recommend essential oils from Ancient Nutrition. You’re getting the best quality from pure, organic sources. Use FITANDWELLAMY to save!  

best organic pure therapeutic grade essential oils

Whole Foods Gift Card 

Anyone health-conscious knows the importance of high-quality food. A gift card to Whole Foods (or their favorite natural grocer store) makes a great wellness gift! 


$35-$75 Wellness Gifts 

Self Massage/Foam Rolling Kit

Most people who are into health and wellness could really use a massage. Heck, ANYONE could use a massage. This self-massage and foam rolling kit is a great wellness gift idea for someone needing to roll out some sore muscles 


New Workout/Yoga Gear

Kiava clothing has the best athletic clothing around with tons of prints, styles, and options to choose from. You can also get a gift card and let them choose! Use code FITANDWELL to save on any order! 

get motivated kiava clothing


My Number One Supplement for Wellness

Turmeric is an amazing plant that has SO many benefits. It’s the one supplement I swear by and will take until I die. I recommend a high-quality source of Turmeric, like from Ancient Nutrition. Find it on Amazon, or on their website. Use code FITANDWELLAMY to save on your order! 


My Favorite Collagen Powder

Ancient Nutrition has the best collagen powder hands down. It blends up so well, isn’t gritty, and comes in some seriously tasty flavors or no flavors at all. Collagen is important for healthy skin, hair, nails, and your gut. Your wellness friends will love it! 


$100+ Wellness Gifts 

The Best Blender for Smoothies and More

It’s just SO hard to beat a BlendTec blender. They last forever, can blend up just about anything (from smoothies to making nut butter) and are perfect for the health guru who loves to concoct wellness drinks and elixirs at home. 


Berkey Filters 

Give the gift of the cleanest, purest water around. Berkey Filters are absolutely amazing. They can literally clean river water and make it pure enough to drink. 


Yoga Studio or Gym Pass 

A monthly or yearly yoga pass (or pass to the gym/studio of their choice) is the gift that keeps on giving. Literally. 

Wrapping it Up (Pun Intended)

Hopefully these wellness gift ideas make your Christmas or birthday shopping a little easier this year. Happy shopping!


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