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Terra Glide Review & A Fun Workout To Try!

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Finding at home workout equipment you love and don’t get bored with can be tricky, especially in 2020. 

For me I like to find equipment that won’t take up too much room and gives me plenty of options for workouts and staying strong at home. 

That’s why the new Terra Glide is so ideal for at-home workouts and keeping it interesting! I’m super skeptical when it comes to trendy workout equipment, but after trying the Terra Glide out for a couple days, I knew it was going to be a staple for my home gym. 

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What is the Terra Glide?

terra glide workout and review

The Terra Glide is similar to a Bosu ball in size and weight but has way more versatility. It has an inflated side, a flat side, AND wheels and handles that pop out. This gives you so much room for creativity and provides an extra challenge. 

You can use it for…

  • Pulling exercises
  • Pushing exercises
  • Stability exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Leg exercises
  • Upper body exercises
  • Total body exercises
  • Can be used with other bands or attachments
  • Sliding exercises 

How Does It Work?

 terra glide review

Similar to a Bosu ball, it provides an unstable (but safe) surface, that requires you to use more stabilization muscles, balance, and core strength. Any time you can incorporate more stabilization muscles in a workout the better. These small muscles are often ignored and as a result, we become off-balanced, develop muscle imbalances, and other issues. 

The Terra Glide also has wheels that allow it to roll. This provides a whole new level of balance, muscle recruitment, and did i mention it’s really fun to use? I love this feature and I think it is what makes the Terra Glide so unique. 

It also has handles that pop in and out that you can use for gripping and attachments for bands. I don’t think I’ll be getting bored with the Terra Glide any time soon. 😉 

Who Should Use the Terra Glide? 

The beauty of the Terra Glide is that anyone at any fitness level can benefit from it and enjoy it. Athletes can add it to their training and beginners can use it at home. 

You don’t have to be the fittest or strongest person on earth to be able to use it and get a great workout! 

Check out this workout for some exercise ideas using the Terra Glide.

Overall Review of the Terra Glide

why i love my terra glide

I’m so excited about adding the Terra Glide to my arsenal of home workout equipment. I love the variety of exercises I can do with it, that it provides an extra challenge, and doesn’t take up much room! You can learn more about the Terra Glide and find some great workout ideas here! Don’t forget my code fitandwell gets you 25% off! (That’s $50!)

Also, a quick side note, if you’ve tried the Terra Core or own one (see my full review of that here) you’ll love the Terra Glide. It definitely won’t replace my Terra Core, but only adds to the possibilities of what I can do in my small home gym! 

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