• healthy christmas recipes

    12 Days of Healthy Christmas Recipes

    Can you believe it’s already December? I swear I was prancing around in my swimsuit only a month ago. Time flies when you’re working hard I guess! I’ve gathered some of my favorite healthy holiday recipes on Pinterest to help with your Christmas cooking. These healthy Christmas recipes are full of nutrition, healthier ingredients, and will only add more joy to your life this season. Happy cooking and happy baking! 12 Healthy Christmas Recipes 1.Balsamic Roasted Vegetables (EmilyBites.Com) Who said veggies had to be boring? These look INCREDIBLE and make a great nutritious side dish. A tasty way to get your veggies in! 2. Healthy Apple Pie (SkinnyMs) Nothing better than…

  • healthy protein peanut butter banana bread

    Healthy Protein Peanut butter Banana Bread

    I celebrated one month of marriage last week and the verdict is in… Marriage life is THE BEST! Besides getting to hang out with my BFF all the time, I know live in a beautiful basement apartment that we enjoy all to ourselves. Before getting married, both of us lived in apartments with roommates. I had five, he had three. As fun as roommates are, things got pretty crowded and messy. There’s something truly magical about having a whole apartment just to ourselves. We can decorate how we want and keep it nice and clean. Not to mention our fridge space is something else. One of my favorite parts about the…

  • dark chocolate coconut protein bites

    Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Bites

    Hey there chocolate lover. I’ve got a tasty treat just for you. Even better news?  It’s GOOD FOR YOU.  Seriously, these dark chocolate coconut protein bites are packed with protein, are naturally sweetened, and taste like a Mound candy bar.  Yep, I know It’s exciting.  Now you might be thinking, “Big deal, Amy. There is literally a thousand protein bite recipes out there. Why is yours special?” Great question, let’s answer that! These protein bites are made with organic vegan all natural protein. This special plant-based protein is laced with superfoods and it tastes amazing (unlike most plant-based powders out there.)  Second, these bites are sweetened naturally with raw honey.…

  • healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins

    Healthy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

    If there ever was a #basic girl who loved all things pumpkin…it’s me. Although I should be more clear: I love all things pumpkin chocolate chip. If there’s no chocolate involved let’s be honest it’s not as good! I just can’t help it. Something about fall, Halloween, and delicious pumpkin treats makes me giddy. The problem? Most pumpkin treats aren’t exactly healthy. Pumpkin breads, cakes, cookies, and muffins are usually loaded with sugar. I’m all about enjoying those treats in moderation but I love crating healthier versions to enjoy at home. That’s why I came up with these healthier PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS! These healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins turned out SO…