• how to stay fit while traveling
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    How to Stay Fit While Traveling

    This post contains affiliate links.  If there is one thing I enjoy more than fitness, it’s traveling. There is so much this beautiful world has to offer and I want to see it all! Unfortunately, when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle (eating right and working out) traveling can become stressful. Eating nutritiously while on vacation can be difficult and finding time or means to get any kind of workout can seem impossible. I want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your travel time. As a fairly experienced traveler, I’m here to tell you it IS possible to keep up good habits, whether you are…

  • sugar-addiction

    The Dangers of Sugar Addiction and How To Overcome It

    When you hear the word “addiction”,  what comes to mind?  Maybe some scary drugs like meth, tobacco, cocaine? Ever thought of sugar?  Few would think to include sugar in the list of terrible substances and destructive behaviors that are addictive and devastating to lives. However, current However, current research has shown that processed sugar can be just as addictive as the most harmful drugs. Yikes, who would have guessed that innocent bowl of Captain Crunch I just ate is so terrible.    via GIPHY Why is this such a concern?   Sugar ingested in large quantities can cause serious health defects. Sugar intake has been linked to hypertension, chronic heart disease, chronic inflammation,…