• how to stay fit while traveling
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    How to Stay Fit While Traveling

    This post contains affiliate links.  If there is one thing I enjoy more than fitness, it’s traveling. There is so much this beautiful world has to offer and I want to see it all! Unfortunately, when you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle (eating right and working out) traveling can become stressful. Eating nutritiously while on vacation can be difficult and finding time or means to get ANY kind of workout can seem impossible. I want to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying your travel time. As a fairly experienced traveler, I’m here to tell you it IS possible to keep up good habits, whether you are…

  • 5 ways to get motivated and reach your goals
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    5 Proven Ways To Get Motivated And Reach Your Goals

    Wondering how to get motivated and actually reach your goals? Keep reading! Less than 10% of American’s will follow through with their New Year resolutions. It’s a sad but true fact. According to StatisticBrain.com, losing weight is the number one goal set by American’s in 2015.  Sadly, only 8% of Americans followed through with their resolution. Too often sleeping in wins over working out. Pizza beats salad. Netflix overcomes any desire to go to bed at a reasonable hour. What’s the problem? Why can’t we follow through with our goals? Why can’t we choose what’s good for us more often? Well, besides good ol fashioned discipline, I blame motivation. If we…

  • tank top arms workout

    Fun Tank Top Arms Workout

    Guess what ladies, tank top arms are made in the winter! Here is a super simple biceps and triceps workout you can do at the gym or at home with just a few dumbbells! Here’s the breakdown:  Yoga tricep push-ups. These are fun to do and will help you get batter at chaturanga too! Preacher curls. Lock your elbows in by your knees, keep the core tight, and curl up to your shoulders. Overhead tricep extension. Keep your elbows in one spot and hinge at the elbow.  Popeye curls. Alternate one arm at a time and slightly rotate the wrist at the top and squeeze that bicep! Bent over tricep extension.…

  • best cardio for weight loss

    What’s the Best Cardio for Weight Loss?

    Cardio. You either love it or straight up hate it! But it’s just one of those necessary things for losing weight and getting fit. Or is it? For decades cardio was thought to be THE best type of exercise. Ya know, for health, for weight loss, for happiness. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. You can get fit, lose weight, and be happy and never do “cardio” again. I’ll explain why but first, let’s discuss what cardio actually is and why so many people think you HAVE to do it to lose weight and be healthy. Types of Cardio: Aerobic vs Anaerobic When it comes to…

  • sugar-addiction

    The Dangers of Sugar Addiction and How To Overcome It

    When you hear the word “addiction”,  what comes to mind?  Maybe some scary drugs like meth, tobacco, cocaine? Ever thought of sugar?  Few would think to include sugar in the list of terrible substances and destructive behaviors that are addictive and devastating to lives. However, current However, current research has shown that processed sugar can be just as addictive as the most harmful drugs. Yikes, who would have guessed that innocent bowl of Captain Crunch I just ate is so terrible.    via GIPHY Why is this such a concern?   Sugar ingested in large quantities can cause serious health defects. Sugar intake has been linked to hypertension, chronic heart disease, chronic inflammation,…

  • 10 minute workouts

    10 Minute Workouts For When You’re Short On Time

    I get it. You’re busy, you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate towards a workout. Taking time to workout means taking time away from other important obligations like family, friends, work and maybe waffles if you’re Leslie Knope. 😉  But guess what? Everyone has 10 minutes. Even if your day is jam-packed I guarantee you can spare 10 minutes. It might take a little more planning and less time on social media or watching TV but making time for physical activity is really important! To give you even more time I’ve found seven 10 minute workouts courtesy of YouTube that you’re going to LOVE! Put on your favorite workout…

  • how to get fit with no running

    How to Get Fit (No Running Required)

    What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word exercise? Often when we think of exercise and how to get fit, running is the first thing that comes to mind. Of course,  there is nothing wrong with this, running is a phenomenal form of exercise and most serious runners are in great shape! However, for many people, the thought of running produces an overwhelming feeling of dread and discomfort. Not everyone enjoys running or even wants to enjoy it, and that’s OK! There are so many fun and different ways to get fit and healthy so don’t worry if running isn’t your favorite.  If you do…

  • holiday fitness tips

    Holiday Fitness Tips You Won’t See Anywhere Else

    With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas only a month away, the most festive time of year is here! With the holiday season comes family gatherings and other social commitments. For the fitness fanatics and health nuts this time of year can be more stressful than fun. Cakes, cookies, and other sweets seem to be everywhere taunting us. Time with family and friends conflict with time spent at the gym. For those of us trying to live a fit lifestyle, the holidays are often viewed as a type of sabotage on our hard-earned health and physique. The holiday season also seems to bring a large amount of “holiday fitness tips” from all sorts of…

  • best cardio for weight loss

    HIIT Workout To Get In Shape Fast

    This HIIT workout requires no equipment and will leave you feeling like a boss. HIIT workouts are my favorite.  Why?  Because they are fast, effective, and work incredibly well thanks to a little physiology term called EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) . What the heck does EPOC mean?  It means the more intense of a workout, the longer it takes your body to return to homeostasis, or normal. This requires way more calories than if you were to just do an easy, but long workout.  HIIT is also better for building and retaining muscle and losing fat. Or “toning” for short.  So stop what you’re doing, put your workout clothes…

  • benefits-of-hiit

    4 Awesome Benefits of HIIT & Why You Should Do It

    “What type of exercise is the most beneficial?”   A question I get ALL THE TIME.    The Answer?    It depends on your goals.    Are you trying to lose fat? Tone up? Get in better shape in general?  Well, if your goal is any of the above then HIIT workouts are for you!  What is HIIT?  High-Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is simply alternating periods of high intensity with periods of low intensity. The main goal of interval training is to bring your heart rate up, then bring it back down. You can do this in a variety of ways whether it be swimming, running, cycling, or strength training. That…