Obasan Organic Mattress Review

Obasan Organic Mattress Review

We’ve been sleeping on our Obasan mattress for several months now. Verdict? We LOVE it. Here’s my full and honest Obasan organic mattress review.

Obasan gave me a discount on their organic mattress in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As I’ve continued to do my best to reduce toxins in my home and products, I knew that one day an organic mattress was a must. After all, we spend half of our lives sleeping and I didn’t want to be inhaling toxic fumes and chemicals during that time!

I originally found Obasan back in the summer of 2020. We had no need for a new mattress at the time, but I was immediately impressed with their quality, reviews, and commitment to pure organic materials. I finally reached out to them early this year and asked if they wanted to work with me.

This is my full and honest review and why we went with Obasan over other “organic” mattresses.

Obasan Organic Mattress Review

Obasan Organic Mattress Review (1)

Why Obasan?

I did quite a bit of research on the best organic mattresses, and Obasan was clearly the best. While other company’s materials may have only been 80% organic, Obasan mattresses and all the materials are 100% GOTS and GOLS certified organic. The facility in Canada, where they are basically hand-made, is also a certified organic facility.

Obasan uses organic wool, rubber, and cotton to craft their mattresses and nothing else. They don’t just pick wool, cotton, and rubber from anywhere though. They choose the best versions of these materials from specific locations in order to make the best, most durable, and comfortable mattress.

I also love that Obasan doesn’t use any metal coils in their mattresses like other organic companies do. This helps minimize EMF radiation while we sleep.

I think the most genius thing about Obasan is how they construct the mattress. They customize it to you and how you sleep and separate the bed into different zones. The mattress comes with a base, three middle zones, and then the top. Each section is customized to how you sleep. These are interchangeable and replaceable so as your mattress ages or if your sleeping needs change, instead of replacing the entire thing you would just replace the zones. They say if you take good care of your mattress it will last 20 years before you need to start swapping out any zones!

Obasan mattress review zones
Obasan Mattress Zones

The Process of Customizing an Obasan Mattress

My husband and I met with an Obasan consultant who was so awesome and helpful. Obasan literally treats you like a lifelong client, not just a random customer. We scheduled a Zoom call with our consultant and he asked us some questions about how we usually sleep, height, weight etc. This is so they can customize the perfect zones for each of us. We got a queen size, but we each have our own uniqe side/zones.

Our consultant then gave us some tips on how to care for our mattress and made sure we had a bed frame with slats so the materials can breathe properly.

obasan mattress review

Then he took us on a virtual tour of the facility where they make the mattreses! He showed us each step of how the mattress is made and why they use the materials they do. The whole tour really showed how transparent they are. No fancy marketing gimmicks-it’s the real deal.

The whole experience left me SO impressed with Obasan. I truly felt like they cared about me and my health and i knew we were in good hands!

Putting Together Our Obasan Mattress

Our mattress took about three weeks to make which gave us enough time to get moved into our new house. It arrived in a couple large boxes and was easy to put together! All of our zones were labeled and although they are heavy, I was able to put it all together in less than 30 minutes.

There was ZERO chemical smell or off-gassing – something I can’t say for my last mattress. It has a clean and classy look and the materials were so well made.

Sleeping on our Obasan Mattress

I’m not going to lie, I was a little worried that the mattress would feel too soft for my liking. I like FIRM. Like, “I can sleep on the floor and be fine” firm. I had a medium and soft zones, and I was worried it would feel too squishy.

I’m happy to say the mattress wasn’t even close to being too soft. It’s actually firmer than my old “firm” mattress! It has just the right cushion for my hips and shoulders but gives me the support my back needs. I have a lingering tight spot on my back that will flare up if I sleep on soft or crappy mattresses. I noticed it was coming back with the old mattress before we switched. Since sleeping on our Obasan, the tight spot is totally gone!

Our Obasan mattress also sleeps cool and isn’t hot which is HUGE for me. I’m a hot blooded girl. My husband calls me his little furnace lol. It wasn’t uncommon for me to wake up in the middle of the night all sweaty. I’ve been sleeping MUCH cooler since we got our Obasan mattress. No more waking up in a pool of sweat. *gross*

Overall both my husband and I have slept so well and comfortably on our Obasan mattress the past few months!

Final Thoughts

I’ve been so satisfied and impressed with Obasan. From start to finish, they were a joy to work with. They are a company that truly care about the customer and take pride in their product, and boy does it show.

You probably won’t see a million ads for Obasan like you will other “organic” mattresses. But that’s because they actually spend the money on high quality materials and doing it right. Not cutting corners to increase their margins.

Obasan mattresses aren’t the cheapest option on the market, but it’s my honest opinion that they truly are the best organic mattress available!

Obasan Organic Mattress Review- Fit & Well

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