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Holiday Fitness Tips You Won’t See Anywhere Else

With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas only a month away, the most festive time of year is here!

With the holiday season comes family gatherings and other social commitments.

For the fitness fanatics and health nuts this time of year can be more stressful than fun. Cakes, cookies, and other sweets seem to be everywhere taunting us. Time with family and friends conflict with time spent at the gym.

For those of us trying to live a fit lifestyle, the holidays are often viewed as a type of sabotage on our hard-earned health and physique.

The holiday season also seems to bring a large amount of “holiday fitness tips” from all sorts of voices. 

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their tips. They are very helpful!

But as a certified nutritionist and fellow fitness junkie, my holiday fitness tips are a little different than most.

  • I’m not here to tell you to get such and such app so you can track your calories while at every party.
  • I’m not going to tell you to make sure to wake up extra early so you absolutely get a workout in. 

So what are my not so typical holiday fitness tips?

  • Stop overthinking, listen to your body, and enjoy the holidays.
  • Stop worrying that a few missed days at the gym are going to ruin your fitness goals. (They won’t!)
  • Stop worrying about all that and focus on what really matters, especially during the holidays.

What really matters? Spending time with people you love and enjoying life.

Life is too short to skip out on family time because you’re afraid of missing a workout. Life is too short to fret over whether or not you should eat that slice of pie. Just eat the dang pie. When we obsess over every little thing we put in our mouths, or every missed workout we often do more damage than if we didn’t care at all!

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A very fit friend of mine and former classmate, Ben, recently wrote an article that sums up my thoughts about this subject perfectly. In his article, he talks about 3 fitness mistakes we should avoid for a healthier and happier holiday season, and they are not what you may think.

Head over to his blog to read his full article and to see his expert and also not so typical holiday fitness tips!

Happy holidays!



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