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My Honest Therasage Infrared Sauna Review

Have you ever dreamed about having your own at home sauna? 

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Once I learned about the benefits of sauna and heat immersion – I made it a goal to save up for a sauna. As much as I love the look of the pretty built in cedar saunas that simply wasn’t an option due to price and space. 

Then I discovered the Therasage infrared sauna – a portable, affordable, infrared sauna with low EMFs. I immediately started saving and purchased my Therasage 360+ Infrared Sauna this past March and I’ve been enjoying the benefits ever since. 

This is my honest Therasage Infrared Sauna review- I hope it helps you discover if this sauna is right for you!

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My Honest Therasage Infrared Sauna Review

therasage sauna setup

Therasage Sauna Benefits

Why invest in an infrared sauna in the first place? 

There are SO many potential health benefits from using a sauna often- especially an infrared sauna. 

  • Sauna mimics the effects of exercise by increasing temperature, immune cells, heart rate and insulin sensitivity. 
  • Sauna may improve heart health by increasing nitric oxide, blood flow, and reducing blood pressure.
  • Sauna may reduce the risk of infections like the flu or decrease the duration of the common cold. 
  • Sauna provides neuroprotection by increasing brain blood flow and decreasing inflammation. 

In addition, red light therapy also has many benefits and the Therasage 360 comes with two medical grade red light panels inside the sauna. 

  • Red light is beneficial for skin health and repair
  • Red light can boost collagen production 
  • Red light can reduce inflammation and aid in muscle recovery 
  • Red light can help with your bodies natural circadian rhythm and supports the endocrine system

How long does it take Therasage to heat up?

It only takes a few minutes for the Therasage sauna to heat up. You’ll start sweating pretty quick! You can adjust the time and temperature ranging from 10-120 minutes and 100-170 degrees. I recommend starting out small to build up a tolerance then increasing your time and temperature. 

Therasage infrared sauna review
We keep our Therasage sauna in our guest bedroom and fold it up and store it when we have company and want it out of the way.

Why would you choose Therasage over other at-home options? 

I chose Therasage for several reasons. These were my main selling points!

  • Portable and doesn’t take up a ton of room. 
  • Made of non-toxic bamboo materials – No VOCs or off-gassing.
  • Advanced EMF remediation.
  • Bamboo grounding mat to get grounding benefits even when I can’t go outside.
  • Easy to take care of and clean. 
  • Red light panels for extra health benefits (these alone can be incredibly expensive). 
  • Affordable price point for everything you’re getting. 
  • Bamboo chair – I can sit on the chair or sit inside like a tent. 

Is it worth buying an infrared sauna?

In my humble opinion – YES! If you can make it part of your weekly habits and use it often it’s absolutely worth investing in. If you are wanting to help assist your body in healing and support it’s natural detox systems- it’s definitely a fantastic tool for that.

Did I take several months to save up for the Therasage? Yep. Do I use it often and notice any benefits? Absolutely!

When I use my Therasage consistently I notice clearer, healthier skin, I sleep better, better muscle recovery, and I have fewer PMS symptoms. I especially appreciate it during the colder months when there’s less natural light and I don’t have the opportunity to be outside barefoot. 

Personally I feel that Therasage offers a fantastic option for at home use for a very fair price point. Red light panels alone can run anywhere from $200-$400 – and you’re getting TWO of them in addition to everything else! 

You can check them out using this link. You can also use my discount code FITANDWELL for a discount.

Was this Therasage infrared sauna review helpful? Let me know of any questions you may have in the comments or feel free to reach out on Instagram!

My honest Therasage Infrared Sauna Review & Benefits.


  • Patty Ahrens

    Hi, Amy. Thanks for your review. Can you tell me the cons of this sauna? I am looking also to buy portable. You make a good case but would like to know the drawbacks. Was the chair comfortable? Did it work as advertised?

    • Amy

      Sure thing. The chair is okay-more comfortable if you put a towel on it (which would be smart since you’ll get sweaty) but to be honest I rarely use it! I mostly just sit in the sauna like a little tent. It can start to get a little uncomfortable if you don’t like sitting on the ground in a small space for longer than 30-40 minutes. I’m 5’7 and can just barley stretch my legs out inside. If you’re shorter you might find it more comfortable. I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s worked exactly as advertised. I’ve had no issues there. Like any sauna you’ll need to take time now and then to wipe it down and keep it clean. I’ve had some people say they worry about mold (not just with this sauna but any at home sauna) but I think if you wipe it down after each use (or at least after you’ve gotten really sweaty) and let it air out (just leave it open) it should be fine. I also live in a very dry climate so i’m not worried about that. It’s been easy to fold up and move out of the guest room when we need to move it. I really don’t have many complaints! Let me know if I can answer any other questions 🙂

    • Amy

      I don’t have a 20% off code this month (they only do that now and then for special sales- the last sale ended in February) but my code FITANDWELL will get you 10% off!

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