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My Honest Air Doctor Review 2024 – What You Need to Know

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If you live anywhere in the west (or in a large city) you probably have noticed an increase in air pollution. And it sucks.

Here in Utah almost every late summer we get smokey skies from various wild fires burning in the west. In the winter, we get temperature inversions, trapping pollution in our cities ands suburbs for days at a time.

Besides times when outdoor air quality is poor, did you know that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? (Assuming there’s not a fire raging nearby.)

This is due to products we buy (I’m looking at you candles and air fresheners) and chemical off gassing from furniture, rugs, carpet, and more. You can read more about how to improve your indoor air quality here.

Poor air quality is no joke and I don’t take it lightly. Running in smokey weather caused my childhood asthma that I had outgrown to come back as an adult for a season. Poor air quality can trigger migraines for my poor hubby. Long exposure can cause health issues and if there’s something I can do about it, you can bet your butt i’ll do it.

That’s why in 2020 when we were experiencing horrible air quality yet again from forrest fires, I decided it was time to invest in a quality air purifier for our home.

Now that I’ve had my Air Doctor air purifiers for several years now – I figured I would give you my honest Air Doctor Review, answer some common questions, and help you decide if it’s a good choice for you and your family!

My Honest Air Doctor Review:

my honest air doctor review

Is Air Doctor a good brand?

I did a lot of research on which air purifiers would be best and were cost effective. I love that Air Doctor is third party lab tested and has glowing reviews. It’s energy efficient, and you don’t have to replace the filters as often as some competitors making it more affordable in the long run.

For me it was an easy choice!

What does Air Doctor remove from the air?

Pet dander, dust, VOCs, formaldehyde, smoke, viruses, bacteria, mold and more!

Is Air Doctor loud?

Not usually! They say they are 30% quieter than most air purifiers.

On the auto setting (which is recommended) it generally stays on a low fan setting unless something causes the air quality to be poor, then it will kick up the fan. When the fan is on high and the light is red, it’s a little noisy, but usually doesn’t last too long. Once the air is clean again the light switches back to orange, then blue and the fan slows down and it’s nearly silent.

We have the smallest air doctor in our bedroom and its not loud at all. Just provides a little quiet white noise. The medium size one we have in our kitchen/living area only get’s loud occasionally when we are cooking something and the fan turns on high.

air purifier in my living room

How often do you have to replace the filters?

It’s recommended you replace the carbon filter every 6 months and the Ultra-HEPA filter every year. The Air Doctor has reminders in the form of a light that will turn on when it’s time to replace the filter so you never forget.

I also recommend cleaning the pre-filter on the carbon filter (simply vacuum it every few months) making it last longer.

Does it make your power bill go up?

Hardly. Air Doctor is very energy efficient, one of the reasons why we liked it. When you leave it on auto mode for 365 days a year, your power bill may go up $30-$40 a year.

We turn ours off if we will be gone for a week or more. Otherwise we leave it on auto mode!

Is having an air purifier worth it?

In my opinion? Absolutely. Besides peace of mind, it’s helped my husbands and I’s allergies and my asthma. When I change the air filters and see all of the gunk that it catches – I’m grateful that it’s not ending up in my lungs instead!

My parents got one and before that my dad was having horrible allergies. Once he got his Air Doctor his allergies basically disappeared! It’s great to have around during allergy season.

How much is the Air Doctor?

There are three sizes to chose from and each size costs a different amount. They range anywhere from $400 to $1k. Here’s a comparison for sizes/models!

You can use my discount link to get almost half off any of the models.

I have the 1000 in our bedroom and the 3000 in our kitchen/living space. We bring the 1000 with us on most of our road trips to hotels and Airbnbs so we can have clean air when we travel. It’s so light and easy to pack!

Wrapping It Up

I love my Air Doctor(s) and more importantly that my family feels better and the peace of mind that comes with healthy air quality.

I love that it’s cost effective, isn’t noisy, doesn’t take up a ton of space, or eat up my power bill. For us it’s been a great investment. Ideally, I’d have one for every level of my home!

If you’re wondering where to start, Id suggest a medium size and put it where you spend the most time! For us that’s the kitchen/living area. You can try it for 30 days and if it’s not what you were hoping, send it back with their 30 day guarantee.

Be sure to use this link to get a great discount on your Air Doctor especially during their Spring sale! No code needed.

I hope this Air Doctor review was helpful! If you have questions feel free to reach out on Instagram and ask! Happy to help.

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