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My Favorite At Home Workout Equipment For A Well Rounded Home Gym

I’ve always dreamed about having the perfect home gym with ALL the at home workout equipment. No more having to wait around for squat racks at the gym, no more smelly sweaty workout benches. Just my own little workout haven!

Although my current little home gym is far from what I hope it could be some day, it does the job well.

Currently, I have a punching bag that was already there when we moved in, some free weights, a medicine ball, stability ball, a Terra Core, some bands, a suspension trainer, and a pull-up bar. These items don’t take up too much space but allow me to a have a wide variety of workouts.

It’s been especially nice during this time of social distancing to have this equipment at home. Staying active is SO important for a healthy body and immune system so I intend to keep up my normal workout routine as much as possible for the next few weeks (or however long we are stuck in quarantine.)

Here is a simple list of my top at home workout equipment that I use and love. Most of it is pretty affordable, won’t take up much space, and will help anyone stick with a healthy workout routine at home!

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At Home Workout Equipment Ideas

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1. TRX Suspension Training Kit

I first was introduced to suspension training during my personal training days at a small gym. I loved how much you can do with them, and how it demands you to engage your core for any exercise. It’s a great piece of equipment because you can pretty much set it up anywhere!

TRX/Suspension Trainer benefits:

  • Builds a strong core
  • You can adjust the difficulty by changing your body position
  • Lightweight, great for travel
  • Allows you to work all major muscle groups or multiple at the same time

2. Medicine Balls: 10-15 pounds

Medicine balls have been around for centuries and for good reason. They offer tons of freedom when in comes to exercise. Many medicine ball workouts require the use of multiple muscle groups at a time, so they are great for burning lots of calories.

Medicine ball benefits:

  • Help with stability and core work
  • Great for beginners and athletes
  • Can be used to improve both strength, endurance, power, and cardio
  • Don’t take up much room

3. Free Weights (Dumbbells)

Free weights are an absolute MUST in any home gym. I recommend investing in a set of at least three pairs of different weights, but the more options the better so you can develop strength. I have 8 pounds all the way up to 30 pounds and it’s the perfect range for me, but even if you just have some 10 pounders, it can help a ton!

Free Weight Benefits:

  • Tons of versatility
  • Help build strength and stability
  • Great for isolating muscle groups
  • Can be used for full-body, multi-planar movements

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4. Resistance Bands

Easy to use, great for travel and tight spaces. Don’t let them deceive you either. You can still get a killer workout just using resistance bands! I have several types and resistance levels at home and always bring a couple with me when I travel. They are seriously awesome and should be part of any home gym!

Resistance Bands Benefits:

  • Lightweight and inexpensive
  • Don’t take up much space
  • Great for building strength and mobility work
  • Can be used for a variety of exercises and at-home moves

5. Kettle Bells 

Kettle bells are super versatile and come in a variety of weights and sizes. I love including dumbbells in my workouts at the gym, although I still need to get one for my home gym!

Kettle Bell Benefits:

  • Versatile and wide range of exercise
  • Great for stability and balance exercises
  • Great for coordination and sport specific drills

6. Stability Ball

Stability balls are a must have for any home gym in my opinion. They can be used in place of benches, are great for killer core workouts, and have so many other effective uses.

Stability balls are fairly inexpensive and easy to pump up and use quickly. You could also consider a bosu ball or Terra Core as great at home options with tons of uses.

Stability Ball Benefits:

  • Great for building core strength
  • Great for adding balance and mobility work
  • Doubles as an office chair

7.  Pull Up Bar

Want to get better at pull ups? Get a pull up bar and practice, practice, practice! If you need assistance, grab some pull up assist bands or a sturdy resistance band. It makes all the difference!

A pull up bar can also be a sturdy anchor for other band work, just make sure it’s locked in the door way, fits correctly, and won’t be doing any damage to the frame or be falling down on you mid pull up. Ouch.

Pull Up Bar Benefits: 

  • Fits in most door frames
  • Build back and core strength
  • Use as an anchor for other pieces of equipment

8. Yoga Mat & Blocks

Thank goodness for YouTube and for yoga classes you can literally do anywhere. I’ve been a regular YouTube yogi for a while now. Of course I prefer going to actual classes, but there are some really great options and teachers on the tube for a variety of yogi levels. Some of my favorites include Five Parks Yoga and Yoga with Adriene.

Having a quality yoga mat and a block or two are all you need to get better and more comfortable with yoga poses and flows.

Yoga Benefits: 

  • Improved flexibility, mobility, and stability
  • Stress reduction & mental health booster
  • Great for building strength and mindfulness

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At Home Workout Equipment That is Free:

Soup cans, water jugs, and small children make excellent weight replacements. 😉 Plus, you can get great workouts with just your bodyweight. There are so many ways to get creative even you have a small space and limited equipment.

Here are some simple body weight workouts you can try anywhere!

Wrapping It Up

Getting a great workout and reaching your fitness goals IS 100% possible at home, even with limited equipment. I think it’s a great idea for anyone to have some at home workout equipment. It provides variety away from the gym and in the case of a world pandemic, can really be a lifesaver. 😉


Versatile and affordable at home workout equipment ideas

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