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My Daysy Fertility Tracker Review – 2024

It’s officially been 4 years since I ditched birth control and started using the Daysy Fertility Tracker. 

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Lemme tell ya, ditching hormonal birth control feels freaking awesome. 

I had an IUD (Skyla) for three years before I made the switch. I actually had no issues with my IUD. It didn’t give me too many weird side effects and I luckily still had a regular period all three years. 

But there’s just something so empowering about being all natural when it comes to fertility planning and awareness. I did a TON of research on Daysy. Is it actually accurate? Worth the price tag? Worth the effort? 

My opinion? It really is worth it. 

Here is my full Daysy Fertility Tracker review, my story of why I quit birth control, and some commonly asked questions that I hope help you make the best decision for you! 

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My Daysy Fertility Tracker Review

What is the Daysy Fertility Tracker? 

The Daysy Fertility Tracker is a small, medical grade thermometer and algorithm that calculates when you are fertile (aka can get pregnant) by tracking and measuring your basal body temperature. 

Daysy isn’t just a normal thermometer. Daysy is German built from medical grade equipment and backed by 30 years of research and a comprehensive algorithm. 

She’s cute, but dang smart. If you use her correctly.

Daysy costs $300. I used our HSA card to pay for it, but payment plans are available. Use code DaysyUS+467 to get $15 off your own Daysy Fertility Tracker!

How does Daysy Fertility Tracker work? 

Daysy works by taking your basal body temperature each morning. As soon as you wake up and before you get out of bed, place Daysy under your tongue, press the main button, and wait for about 60 seconds. Daysy will then beep, showing a red, green, yellow light indicating your current fertility status. 

  • Red = fertile, chance to get pregnant. 
  • Yellow = learning phase or cycle fluctuation. 
  • Green = not fertile, low chance to get pregnant. 

There is a learning curve with Daysy. At first, she will show primarily red and yellow days until you log your first period. After about a month or two, she’ll become more accurate and show you more green days. 

Is the Daysy Fertility Tracker easy to use? 

Daysy is very easy to use. HOWEVER, if you are not willing to commit to the process or have zero interest to pay attention to your body and cycle, it may be too much of a hassle for you. 

Ideally, you should use Daysy every single day. Of course, I’ve missed a day here and there when I’ve just forgotten or hopped out of bed too fast but I try to be as consistent as possible. This takes time to make it a habit and patience while she’s in her learning phase. 

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How do I know if Daysy is right for me? 

Daysy is awesome because it really helps you feel empowered about your own fertility, pregnancy planning, and menstrual health. Tracking your cycle can help relieve stress, worry, and help you understand your body better.

If you can commit to using Daysy daily, want to avoid hormonal birth control methods, and want to take ownership of your cycle and fertility then Daysy can be a great companion!

I think it’s also super important to talk to your hubby/ partner about your decision to use Daysy. Pregnancy planning and prevention is a partnership effort, it shouldn’t have to all be on your shoulders. Have a talk with your lover and let them know how Daysy works and if he’s comfortable with that method of birth control (or pregnancy planning). It’s always good to be on the same page!

What if you have irregular periods or have specific questions? 

The Daysy website and updated app has a TON of FAQs that can help you know if Daysy will be a good fit for you. 

They also have a great customer service team that answers your questions quickly. I had a question about taking my Daysy camping in colder weather and they helped me quickly! 

Why did you stop using birth control? 

I never felt totally content with being on hormonal birth control. I knew the potential side effects and risks, and part of me despised it, but I feared a honeymoon baby more so I went with it. 

Again, I actually had a good experience with my IUD, but 6 months before it was about to expire and be removed I knew I wanted to hormonal ditch birth control for good and go with something natural and free of hormones. 

I started reading the Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden and LOVED the wealth of knowledge in that book. It really gave me the confidence that I could take control of my fertility and menstrual health and ditch birth control. I had read some reviews of other bloggers who were using the Daysy Fertility Tracker and felt like it would be a good fit for me too. I talked to my husband about it and he was on board. 

my daysy fertility tracker review

I got my IUD taken out and started using Daysy a couple days later. I was nervous at first and it did take some time to figure out how to properly use Daysy and get in the habit of remembering to use her each morning. 

Now four years later I’ve never loved Daysy more. I love the insights she gives me into my body, I know I can rely on her, and it’s now a habit to use her each morning! 

I’ve taken her on a couple trips this year too with zero issues. She’s small and easy to pack and you rarely have to recharge her. She syncs up to the Daysy app on my phone easily so I can track my cycle and see future predictions. 

Fun update- we used Daysy this last year when we were ready to get pregnant and I believe it was a HUGE help in helping us get pregnant quickly. It can be a helpful tool when you are trying to conceive too!

Wrapping it up – Do you recommend Daysy? 

I highly recommend Daysy and I hope you found this Daysy fertility tracker review helpful! She’s easy to use once you get the hang of it, she’s accurate, and I love that I can have more control over my health and fertility without the use and side effects of hormones. 

You can learn more about Daysy here and use code DaysyUS+467 to get $15 off your own Daysy Fertility Tracker!

My Daysy Fertility Tracker Review-

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