Mothers day gift guide
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for the Healthy Mom

Mothers are just the best. Birth moms, stepmoms, adopted moms, all the moms! All of us have motherly figures in our life who we love and appreciate.

And while Mom’s just get one day a year for us to celebrate them and all they do for us, they really should be celebrated every darn day, don’t ya agree?

Let’s really show our moms how much we love and appreciate them this year.

Here are some gift ideas for the healthy mom in your life!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Air fryers are all the rage these days, and for good reason! It’s a pretty cool breakthrough that we can now enjoy everything we love about fried food without all the negatives of traditional frying. Grab one for your mom to complete her healthy cooking tools!

Sure that old one she’s been using (or worse, borrowing at the gym) is okay, but mom deserves a soft, cushy, and adorable yoga mat to get her zen on.

Fitbit watches are a great way for mom to keep track of her steps, sleep, heart rate and other healthy habits! I got my mom one for Christmas and she loves it.

Send mom to the gym with style! A cute gym bag to fit all her belongings helps keep her organized and stylin’.

cute gym bag-mother's day gift guide

Give mom the gift of hydration via a high-quality water bottle that will last a lifetime!

Don’t let mom sport the same shoes she wore in 1980. Her and her feet deserve better! Keep her updated with some new cute gym or running shoes!

A diffuser with pure essential oils are the new candles, and they are SO much better for you and safer to use! Give mom a diffuser to keep her home smelling clean and fresh.

  • New Workout Clothes

Make mom feel good with some cute workout clothes! My favorite is Kiava clothing. They have amazing styles for any shape or size! You can use code fitandwell to save too.

Mom’s deal with a lot of stress. Get her a foam roller to roll out any tight muscles or tension so she can feel her best.

If your mom loves to run, she’ll love Born to Run. It’s a celebration of running and makes a great summer read!

  • Better Skincare

Give mom the skin care she deserves! Better yet, get her skin care that was made for fit women who sweat like her. I always recommend FRE skincare. It’s vegan and was made for women who sweat and workout. Mom will love it! Use code FITAMY to save big!

how to use fre skincare
  • Gym pass or Class Pass

I’m telling you, getting mom a gym pass or class pass to try out different workouts and fitness classes is an amazing gift. Give her the gift she would never get herself!

Your mom into healthy cooking? Maybe keto? Make it easier for her with a zoodle spiralizer!

Moms are busy, especially the mom with kids at home. Get her some resistance bands so she can squeeze in a workout anywhere!

Set mom free with a pair of wireless headphones. They are great for the gym, biking, jogging, and more!

wireless earphones

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you’re a mom reading this, know that you are absolutely wonderful, amazing, so loved, and appreciated. Happy Mother’s Day!

mothers day gift guide for the healthy mom

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