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Mapiful Review- Custom Maps for Your Home

Wondering if Mapiful maps are worth it? I’ve been purchasing custom maps and prints to hang in my home from Mapiful for years now. Here is my full and honest Mapiful review!

Mapiful gifted me some of my custom maps and posters, however all thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full affiliate disclosure here.

My Honest Mapiful Review

I first came upon Mapiful on Instagram a few years ago. I was immediately drawn to the clean, modern look and I loved that you could chose any place in the world. I’ve even seen some people create maps of fictional places like Hogwarts and the Shire (the nerd in me thinks that is SUCH a fun idea.) I love creating maps & posters for my own home as a way to remember travels, happy memories, and as a way to express myself!

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 custom maps

What types of maps/posters does Mapiful have?

Mapiful has several customizable maps/posters to chose from:

I’ve been happy with the look and quality of all of my maps/posters and love how they can be customized to make them extra special. I can change the look and design to match my home decor style and they are an easy way to decorate that actually has meaning.

How do you customize posters with Mapiful?

Mapiful is super easy to use and customize your own map, star map, or line art poster. Simply chose the type of poster/map you want, then colors, style, text etc. They make it super easy and the colors print just like what it shows online.

home office

What poster sizes does Mapiful have?

Mapiful maps and posters come in a variety of sizes.

  • 11X17 inches
  • 18X24 inches
  • 24X36 inches

You can also choose landscape or horizontal.

What Mapiful designs do you own?

I currently have several classic maps featuring some of our favorite places we have traveled to. I have them up in our living room and we honestly look at them every day and say, “remember that trip? That was SO fun.” They also make great conversation starters when we have guests over. They match my decor style perfectly, I actually chose the rug to match my maps!

maps of places we've been

I also have a star map of the day Jonny and I got married in our bedroom. I loved that I could customize the text on it to say “Time and all eternity”, include where we got married, and the date. I think it’s a unique way to remember our special day!

Finally, I recently received a new line art print for my new home office. The new Mapiful Line Art prints let you personalize a series of curated line art illustrations that give a minimalist look to any home! Pick an illustration that speaks to you and personalize the text, colors and size to match your lovely home.

I wanted something that inspired me and that expressed my love for health and wellness. They had a nice variety of line art to chose from and I could completely customize the text.

I did wish they had more color options to chose from, but besides that I really liked the final result and it matches well with my other office decor.

I chose a figure doing mountain pose with my favorite interpreted meaning of the word, Namaste in english: “The light in me sees and honors the light in you.” It’s truly perfect for my little home office!

line art from mapiful

How do you hang your Mapiful maps?

I personally love the look of the magnetic wooden frames but you can frame them however you like. I got a few magnetic wooden frames from Mapiful, but honestly I think they are over priced. I prefer to get them on Amazon for cheaper.

star map from Mapiful

Final Thoughts

So are Mapiful maps worth it? If you want to customize the art and decor you hang in your home, then yes! I’ve been more than happy with my posters and I think they would make great gifts too! I personally don’t like to buy art or decor just to buy art and decor. For me, there needs to be some meaning or sentiment behind it. I love that I can make my wall art more personalized with the help of Mapiful!

I hope you found this Mapiful review helpful! Have more questions? Leave them in the comments! PS you can use my code amyposey10 to get a discount on your very own custom poster from Mapiful!

Mapiful Review: Custom Maps & Posters

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