Let's Get Checked Review

Let’s Get Checked Review

Taking the time to test certain aspects of your health can be super helpful and eye opening. When you take a wellness test, whether it be checking your thyroid levels or for specific vitamins, you have the knowledge to take action to better your health.

Knowledge after all, is power!

My issue with tests? I’m terrified of doctors. I’m pretty sure I have white coat phobia if that’s even a thing. 

That’s why I’m so grateful for Let’s Get Checked. They are a wellness testing company that makes it so easy to get checked at home. Simply choose the wellness test you want, send back your sample, and you’ll get your results online within a few days. 

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I was fortunate enough to work with Let’s Get Checked back in January and had a great experience. That’s why I was excited to work with them again and try a new wellness test to see what I could improve with my nutrition. 

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Here’s my full Let’s Get Checked review and what you can expect when you buy a test from them. 

My Let’s Get Checked Review

What tests did you take? 

In January of this year, I took the Essential Vitamin test from Let’s Get Checked. It measured Vitamin D levels, Folate, and B12. I was mostly interested in knowing where my current Vitamin D levels were at since I live in Utah and don’t get much sunshine in the winter. 

Sure enough, I got my test results back after sending in a small blood sample and wasn’t really surprised to learn that my Vitamin D levels were in fact lower than they should be.

Even though it confirmed my suspicions, it gave me the push to actually do something about it. From that time on, I decided to find a high quality Vitamin D supplement to get me through the winter months and I would commit to getting outside as much as I could during winter. Vitamin D is critical for a healthy immune system and proper hormone function so I wanted to make sure I was doing my best. 

This month, I decided to take the Omega 3 & 6 test from Let’s Get Checked. I wanted to see if my efforts to get enough Omega 3 and limit my Omega 6 were working. 

Side note: Ideally, you should have a 4:1 to 2:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids. For most people this is very difficult because of the Western, processed diet. It may be a safe assumption that most Americans get as much as 25Xs more omega 6 to omega 3s. This can cause inflammation in the body and other health issues. 

They sent me the kit in the mail with super clear instructions. Simply create a secure account online, activate your test, choose a day to take your sample (in this case a blood sample) and send it back to the lab with the prepaid shipping label they provide. 

Let’s Get Checked makes the whole process super easy and in my opinion beats a trip to the doctors office ANY DAY. 

They provide all the tools you need to collect your sample (it may vary depending on the type of test) and I love that your results come back fairly quick.

What types of tests do they offer? 

let's get checked review and types of tests

Let’s Get Checked offers a wide variety of tests. Here is a quick list some of the tests they offer for women: 

  • Cortisol
  • Thyroid
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Female hormone
  • Vitamin D-B
  • Iron 
  • Omega’s 
  • Colon
  • HPV

Prices range for each test, but you should be able to use an HSA (Health Savings Account) card if you have one set up. Most tests are priced very reasonably, some cheaper than if you were to go to the doctors office. (Unless your insurance covers free wellness testing). 

They type of sample will depend on the type of test, but a small blood sample via finger prick is most common.

How fast do you get results back? 

You can expect results usually within a week of the lab receiving the test. My vitamin D test results came back within 4 days. My omega test took about a week. Just hold tight and be patient! You’ll get notified as soon as it’s ready to view.

Are the results confidential? 

Yes! Your results are only shared with the Doctor who approves the results, the nurse who shares your results with you, and of course you! They keep things very confidential, secure, and professional. 

Do you have a discount code?

Yes! I’m an affiliate with Let’s Get Checked. You can use my discount code FITANDWELL for a discount.

Why do wellness tests matter? 

I don’t think you need to spend tons of money on a regular basis on wellness tests. However, if you suspect a health condition, don’t feel right, or just want the knowledge of what’s actually going on in your body they can be super helpful!

For me, the test results helped me know what I could do to improve my nutrition and other healthy habits. 

Overall Thoughts About Let’s Get Checked

I’ve had a great experience with Let’s Get Checked and would recommend them to anyone! I think they are fairly priced, the process is simple, and your results come back within a timely manner. 

 If you want to get your own wellness test, be sure to use code FIT to save 20% on any test. (affiliate link)

I hope you found this Let’s Get Checked review helpful! Drop any questions in the comments!

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