16 Affordable Fitness Gifts (Updated)

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Gift giving is extremely satisfying…once you actually find the right gift. 

Wondering what to get your health-conscious friend or family member for Christmas? 

Don’t even worry about it. I’ve rounded up some of the best fitness gifts for the health nut in your life. 

Sorted by budget, there’s something for everyone!

16 Affordable Fitness Gifts

$10-25 Fitness Gifts

Light Weight Jump Rope

Perfect for: The CrossFit fanatic or frequent traveler who needs a portable way to get some cardio while abroad. 

Why I Recommend: I have a jump rope and love it. It’s easy to pack for when I go on trips and it’s a great way to burn fat and get the heart pumping. 

Athletic No Show Socks


Perfect for: The daily gym goer who is always losing their socks in the wash. Simple, but very practical. 

Why I recommend: Athletic socks (like these Adidas ones or Nike) fit well, don’t bunch up, aren’t so thin they are going to wear out after one session, and not so thick they suffocate your toes. 

Ear Buds


Perfect for: Your fitness friend who is always washing her headphones in the washing machine or losing them at the gym. 

Why I recommend: Every fitness fanatic needs headphones. Most of us go through them pretty fast too. I especially love these JVC Marshmallow buds because they are comfy, fit my ears perfectly, and don’t fall out!


Veggie Spiralizer


Perfect for: Your veggie loving friend or someone who loves pasta but wants to try something healthier. 

Why I recommend: One word. ZOODLES. They are super yummy and a cinch to make when you have a spiralizer! 

Foam Roller


Perfect for: Your pal who has back pain or who’s mobility could use some work. 

Why I recommend: Foam rollers are basically a cheap way to give yourself a therapeutic massage. They are great for improving mobility and blood flow. 

Gold Dumbbell Necklace


Perfect for: Your fashion-conscious friend who wants to express her love of lifting everywhere she goes. 

Why I recommend: This dainty necklace is the perfect way to express a love for fitness and lifting. Plus, you can’t go wrong with gold.

Fitness Notebook


Perfect for: Your gym buddy who wants to enter a fitness competition or who feels motivated by their metrics. 

Why I Recommend: If you (or the fitness fanatic in your life) are serious about transforming your body, keeping track of stats are critical. This little pocket-sized book helps you stay on track and visually see your progress. 

Oster Blend Bottle


Perfect for: Your nutrition savvy pal who wants to bring her green smoothies with her everywhere. 

Why I Recommend: Because LESS DISHES. You can blend your smoothie right into the bottle. Makes grabbing and going easy!

$25-50 Fitness Gifts

Hydro Flask 


Perfect for: The avid water drinker, outdoor lover, and person who can’t stand drinking from plastic or room temperature water. 

Why I recommend: My Hydroflask was worth every penny. I can honestly say it’s the best water container I’ve ever tried, and I’m famous for how may water bottles I own. They come in various sizes and will 100% keep your water cold (or hot if that’s your intent) for HOURS. They are  

Gaiam 5mm Yoga Mat


Perfect for: Any yogi, wannabe yogi, seeker of zen, or lover of corpse pose.

Why I recommend: I LOVE my Gaiam mat. I prefer the thicker (5mm) to the thinner cheaper varieties. More cushion for my wrists and less slip. 

A Gym Bag That’s Actually Cute


Perfect for: Your friend who has been using the same stinky gym bag for way too long. 

Why I recommend: This gym bag is cute and is just the right size. I like having a big enough bag to hold my shoes, some extra socks, and a water bottle. 

Suspension Trainer


Perfect for: Your fitness friend who wants to workout anywhere (even at the park) or get a stronger core. 

Why I recommend: My suspension trainer has been one of my favorite purchases. It’s a fun way to mix up my workouts and I can hook it up anywhere! A TRX trainer costs $200. This one gets the job done just as well and is a fraction of the price. Win!

Nike Pro Warm Tights


Perfect for: A running enthusiast who insists on running in the snow and freezing temperatures. 

Why I recommend: I have a couple pairs of Nike Pro Warm tights and lemme tell ya, they are warm and cozy. Perfect for cold weather running or even an extra layer for skiing. 

$50-100 Fitness Gifts

Nike Tanjun Shoe


Perfect for: The girl who does it all and likes a less cushy feel in her training shoe. 

Why I recommend: My Nike Free’s are my favorite training shoe to date. Great for running, lifting, playing sports, walking and doing all the things.

Meditation Cushion

meditation cushion


Perfect for: Your yogi friend who is searching for inner peace. Or just a more comfortable spot to meditate. 

Why I recommend: Meditation has tons of health benefits. I believe it has an important role in overall wellness. This cushion would go perfectly in a quiet meditation space. 

Other Gift Ideas: 

Here are some nontangible fitness gifts that any fitness lover would appreciate!

  • If your fitness lover is a mom, offer to watch her kids so she can have some workout or meditation time.
  • A pass to a fitness convention to meet their favorite fitness idol. 
  • Offer encouragement or some sincere compliments. The fit life isn’t always easy so kind words are always appreciated. 

16 Affordable gifts for the fitness lover in your life! I've categorized everything by price so there's something for every one and every budget!

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