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17 Affordable Fitness Gifts (Updated 2020)

Gift giving is extremely satisfying…once you actually find the right gift.

Wondering what to get your fitness-loving friend or family member for Christmas?

Don’t even worry about it. I’ve rounded up some of the best fitness gifts for the health nut in your life. I would 100% give any of these to my friends as a fitness gift!

Sorted by budget, there’s something for everyone!

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17 Affordable Fitness Gifts

$10-$25 Fitness Gifts

Light Weight Jump Rope

Perfect for: The CrossFit fanatic or frequent traveler who needs a portable way to get some cardio while abroad.

Why I Recommend: I have a jump rope and love it. It’s easy to pack for when I go on trips and it’s a great way to burn fat and get the heart pumping.

A Book EVERY Woman Should Read


period repair manual book


Perfect for: Any woman who wants to know more about her beautiful body and cycle.

Why I recommend: I truly believe every woman should read this book. It’s so incredibly informative and has helped me feel more confident in taking control of my female health.

Cute Water Bottle That Keeps Water Cold


keep water cold gift idea


Perfect for: The avid water drinker, outdoor lover, and person who can’t stand drinking from plastic or room temperature water.

Why I recommend: Hydro Flasks are great, but a little expensive. Luckily there are plenty of copy-cats that do the job just as well for a much more affordable price. Grab her favorite color or design too and she’ll love it!

Cute Hair Scrunchies


maventhread scrunchies


Perfect for: Your friend or family member who wants an extra cute ponytail at the gym.

Why I recommend: I love these scrunchies from Maven Thread. So many colors and prints to choose from and they make any bad hair day look cute. Perfect for the gym or everyday use! Use code FITANDWELLAMY for 15% off!


6 day workout schedule


Foam Roller


Perfect for: Your pal who has back pain or who’s mobility could use some work.

Why I recommend: Foam rollers are basically a cheap way to give yourself a therapeutic massage. They are great for improving mobility and blood flow.

Booty Bands

booty bands gift amazon


Perfect for: That gal in your life who wants to build the perfect booty. Or for someone who enjoys working out at home and likes simple equipment.

Why I recommend: Booty/resistance bands are a great gift because they are super versatile and lightweight. They are perfect to take with you to the gym, for use at home, or while you travel!


Fitness Notebook


fitness journali-want-this

Perfect for: Your gym buddy who wants to keep track of workouts and daily progress.

Why I Recommend: If you (or the fitness fanatic in your life) are serious about transforming your body, keeping track of stats are critical. This little pocket-sized book helps you stay on track and visually see your progress.

Oster Blend Bottle


Perfect for: Your nutrition savvy pal who wants to bring her green smoothies with her everywhere.

Why I Recommend: Because LESS DISHES. You can blend your smoothie right into the bottle. Makes grabbing and going easy!

A Simple Nutrition Book


Simplified Guide to Nutrition eBooki-want-this

Perfect for: Anyone looking to learn more about nutrition and how to make it work for their goals!

Why I recommend: I wrote The Simplified Guide to Nutrition to help women better understand the basics of nutrition, why they matter, and how to apply healthy nutrition principles and practices into their own life. This book is perfect for the woman who wants to learn!

$25-$50 Fitness Gifts

Sunless Non-Toxic Self-Tanner 

sunless non toxic self tanner
Perfect for: Your friend who lives for summer and a healthy glow all year long.

Why I recommend: Beauty By Earth makes an amazing self-tanner that provides a healthy glow without all the nasty chemicals. It’s easy to use, won’t stain your clothes, and comes at a great price!

Dainty Om Necklace



Perfect for: Your fashion-conscious friend who wants to express her love of yoga everywhere she goes.

Why I recommend: This dainty necklace is the perfect way to express love for yoga. Super dainty and an easy staple piece.

A Gym Bag That’s Actually Cute

adidas gym bag fitness gift idea

Perfect for: Your friend who has been using the same stinky gym bag for way too long.

Why I recommend: This gym bag is cute and is just the right size. I like having a big enough bag to hold my shoes, some extra socks, and a water bottle.

New Workout Clothes

fitness button


Perfect for: Any girl who loves cute fitness clothes (that should be just about every girl, right?)

Why I recommend: Kiava Clothing is a locally owned store here in Utah and the styles are just the cutest! Everything is comfy and the quality is awesome. Use code FITANDWELL for a discount!

Branch Basics Cleaning Set


Perfect for: The health-conscious home-body who loves keeping her home clean and tidy.

Why I recommend: Branch Basics cleaner works incredibly well and I sleep better at night knowing I clean my home with a product that is truly non-toxic.

$50-$120 Fitness Gifts

Adidas Originals Women’s Swift Run

adidas running shoes


Perfect for: Any girl who can’t get enough workout shoes.

Why I recommend: Adidas are super trendy and in style these days and for good reason. They look amazing and have great all-around training shoes. This particular style is easily the most comfortable style of athletic shoes I’ve ever owned. I only wish I had some in every color!

Fitbit Alta HR

fitbit alta hr gift idea


Perfect for: Anyone who wants data to track their fitness progress.

Why I recommend: I’ve had my Alta HR for almost a year now and love it! It’s super durable, you can swap out the band colors, and it helps me be more active during the day with step reminders. It also tracks heart rate and sleep so it’s perfect for any health fanatic!

Flawless Skin with FRÉ  Skincare

how to use fre skincare


Perfect for: Your friend who suffers from post-workout breakouts, or who is looking for vegan skincare.

Why I recommend: I’ve been using FRÉ  for almost three years now and it’s made a huge difference in my skin’s appearance. It’s formulated for women who sweat and it helps my skin with breakouts. The 123 set is the perfect gift for anyone who wants glowing skin with safer ingredients. Code: FITAMY gets you a discount!

Other Gift Ideas:

Here are some nontangible fitness gifts that any fitness lover would appreciate!

  • If your fitness lover is a mom, offer to watch her kids so she can have some workout or meditation time.
  • A pass to a fitness convention to meet their favorite fitness idol.
  • Offer encouragement or some sincere compliments. The fit life isn’t always easy so kind words are always appreciated.
  • A subscription box from Yoga Club or food service.
  • Check out my Amazon store page for even more ideas! I update it often with my favorite fitness products and gadgets.




Affordable and Trendy Fitness Gift Ideas

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