healthy black bean brownie recipe

Kid Approved Black Bean Brownies

Sundays call for yummy treats! Of course, it had to be something chocolatey and had to be something my nephew would approve of since he’s visiting the next few days.

I’ve seen recipes for ways to make healthy brownies, one of them using black beans! It seemed so strange at first, but after making these a few times, I’m hooked.

These black bean brownies come out perfect every time! They were soft and super chocolatey plus all healthy ingredients! My nephew loved them so I think to say it’s kid-approved!

Healthy Black Bean Brownies



  • 1 15oz can of black beans drained and rinsed (or 1/2 cup of dry beans, cooked)
  • 1 / 4 C cocoa powder
  • 1 / 3 C coconut oil
  • 2/3 C honey
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 / 2 C dark chocolate chips (plus a little extra)


  • Put all ingredients except the chocolate chips in a food processor or blender and blend well until you have a smooth batter.
  • Stir in chocolate chips.
  • Pour into greased 8X8 pan and sprinkle with a few chocolate chips on top.
  • Bake for 30-35 min @350F or until a fork comes out clean and they’ve firmed up a bit. You may need to check on them.
  • Let cool, cut, and enjoy!



black bean brownies

Benefits of Black Beans

Black beans are a great source of protein, fiber, folate, magnesium, and antioxidants. They are associated with a healthy heart, colon, and keep you fuller for longer which may aid in weight management. I’m all about making my favorite healthy treats (like super chocolatey brownies) healthier and more nourishing.

Not a fan of black beans? I’ve got a healthy brownie recipe using avocado you can try here.

Picky Eater Approved

It’s hard to beat guilt-free brownies filled with fiber and protein that even the kids will love! If you’re looking to make these extra healthy, use your own presoaked and cooked black beans OR black beans packaged in a cardboard carton instead of canned. This is an easy way to reduce toxins that may come from the lining of the can.

I hope you and your family enjoy these tasty, healthy brownies! Let me know if you try them! You can check out more of my easy healthy recipes here. 


Fudgy Black Bean Brownies even your kids will love!



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