how to get healthy as a couple
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How to Get Healthy as a Couple – 5 Simple Tips

Do you and your partner want to work on your health this year? Are you working on your health goals but maybe your partner isn’t quite as enthusiastic?

Getting healthy as a couple doesn’t have to be difficult or a source of contention! Here are some simple ways you and your significant other can get healthy as a couple and enjoy the process together.

How to Get Healthy as a Couple

Talk about your health goals and intentions together.

Let your partner know why it’s important to you and how they could support you. Ask about their goals and how you can support them. Be open, honest, and patient! Communication is key in all areas of your relationship, especially health!

Share what you learn.

If you learn something new about health and fitness- share it with your partner! Knowledge and understanding can help you both make healthy choices together.

No need to be preachy, just start a discussion, “Hey, I learned this today and thought it was interesting. What do you think?” This opens up a discussion and can help you both be on the same page or see each-others point of view.

Be a good example.

Living your best healthy life is the best way to encourage others to make healthy changes. When they see you glow and thrive they may want to make healthy changes too.

I’ve found that it’s often difficult to change the opinion of others by preaching to them, making them feel bad, or desperately trying to convince them. Live by example and they will see you thrive and will be way more open to try and make healthy changes.

Find healthy activities you both enjoy doing together.

Maybe it’s going to the gym together, walking, hiking, cooking, reading educational books. These can be great ways to not only connect and get quality time with your significant other, but also build healthier habits.

If theres something you don’t enjoy but your partner does-find ways to support them! My hubby doesn’t enjoy running 5ks like I do- but he was kind enough to give it a chance and run one with me this year.

Of course you don’t have to do everything together. My husband prefers to strength train on his own. But we do enjoy cooking, going on walks, biking, and hiking together. Find what works for you and encourage each other along the way!

support each other in activities

Start Small- one good habit at a time

Just like with any healthy habit change- start small and one goal at a time. You don’t need to change overnight and trying to change too many habits at once may lead to burnout, overwhelm, or even contention.

Start with one maybe two small things you can work on for the month. Write down your goals and try attaching a good habit to something you already do. For example, instead of watching tv after dinner begin a new habit of going for a walk around the block together instead!

Be supportive and encouraging to each other. If your partner completes a milestone or goal, congratulate them!

Wrapping it Up

Working on your health as a couple can be incredibly rewarding and help you grow closer while also getting healthier! Try some of these tips and if you have any that I’ve failed to mention, drop them in the comments below!

How to Make Healthy Changes as a Couple

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