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How to Get Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

School is back in session, fall is near, and summer is coming to a close. You might feel anxious and ready to get back into a healthy lifestyle and routine and to make the most of the rest the year! You might also feel a little overwhelmed about it. 

Here are 5 tips to help you ease back into a healthy routine!

5 Tips to Get Back to a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Schedule in your workouts.

If I don’t look at my schedule ahead of time and plan ahead there’s a good chance I won’t get my workouts in. You might have noticed the same in your life!

Take some time at the beginning or end of the week to plan ahead a bit and WRITE down your workouts and if necessary when you plan to workout each day. This will help you make it a priority and help you get back into a good routine.

Note: You might find my Ultimate Fit & Well Planner helpful.

get back to a healthy routine workout planner

2. Plan or prep some meals.

This is a new thing for me but let me tell you it’s made a HUGE difference in helping me eat healthier and save money on food.

You don’t have to go all out and meal prep every single meal. But planning meals a head of time, preparing some ingredients like meats and proteins so meal time is less time consuming can make hopping back into healthy routine SO much easier.

3. Add a healthy task to something you already do.

This is a fantastic way to build healthy habits without feeling like it’s draining you of all your time.

For example, while you’re checking your morning emails you take a quick walk around the block or office building. Or while you’re watching your favorite evening TV show you do your mobility routine. My husband has a whole stretching routine while he brushes his teeth each night.

The options here are endless and it will really depend on your goals, but I’ve found this technique to be very helpful to get into a good routine.

4. Reward yourself!

One of the secrets to creating healthy habits that stick is setting up little rewards along the way. This doesn’t mean you should spend a ton of money or eat a ton of junk as a reward. It could be as simple as a nice warm bath at the end of the week or adding new equipment to your home gym. For example- after every workout I get to drink my delicious protein shake. Sounds so simple right? But I look forward to it. It’s a reward. Look for ways to make accomplishing your healthy tasks enjoyable. 


5. Find an accountability partner (or several). 

Find a friend or two to help you as you get back into a healthy routine. Go to the gym together, set up walking dates, or just simply ask them to check in on you as extra motivation. You can also join fitness challenges! I held one this past summer with a small group of women and the overall feedback was that the accountability part was priceless. Follow me on Instagram to be in the know when my next challenge will be.

I hope this tips help ease the overwhelm of getting back to a healthy lifestyle. Just take it one step at a time and give yourself plenty of grace while you’re at it. If you have any tips that have worked for you feel free to share them in the comments below!

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