Dumbbells and Bands Home Workout Plan

Improve strength, build muscle, and get fit with just dumbbells and bands.

Are you tired of the same old monotonous workout routines that yield minimal results? Do you crave a convenient and simple way to build muscle and sculpt your physique from the comfort of your own home?

My Dumbbells and Bands workout plan will help you sculpt a strong and fit body at home- no fancy equipment needed. No wasting your time wondering what workouts to do.

home workout plan with dumbbells

Want to “tone” your beautiful body? Looking to build muscle and strength so you can move better, improve your metabolism, and have more energy? Resistance training is the BEST way to to achieve these goals and my 6 week guide will help you get there. All you need are some dumbbells and resistance bands.

With my comprehensive program, you’ll use dumbbells to push your limits and unlock new levels of strength. This plan targets every major muscle group so you can say goodbye to weak spots and hello to a stronger, more resilient you!

Life can get busy, but that shouldn’t hinder your fitness goals. My at-home dumbbell workout plan is tailored for women like you, who value your time and want convenience without compromising on results. No need for expensive gym memberships or crowded fitness centers—just grab your dumbbells and get ready to sweat in the comfort of your own home!

You’re not alone in this journey! I want you to feel supported along the way – you’ll get access to a Slack community to ask personalized questions, join other likeminded women, and get guidance and support.

What’s included in the Dumbbells and Bands workout plan?

  • 4 strength workouts each week for 6 weeks
  • Videos for each exercise so you can see exactly how to do the exercises
  • Tips and FAQ to help you get the most out of the guide
  • Workout planner and exercise tracker to help you stay organized and track progress
  • Mobility and yoga videos for recovery days
  • Access to me and a private community on Slack
  • BONUS: 5 Minute Meal Planner for extra help in the kitchen


YOUR PRICE: $29.99


I’m new to strength training- is this a good option for me?

This guide is ideal for beginners and intermediate lifters. If you are brand new to training I would suggest starting with my Bodyweight and Bands guide to help you build a foundation and the correct movement patterns before adding weight.

Can I repeat this for more than 6 weeks?

Absolutely. In fact I recommend repeating the guide to really see big differences in your appearance and strength. Strength training should be a lifelong endeavor to reap the benefits- not just a quick fix.

What are the workouts like?

You’ll have 4 days each week of strength training workouts- each lasting around 45 minutes or less. The workouts are broken up into muscle groupings: Back and chest, shoulders and abs, biceps and triceps, and legs and glutes. I provide rep ranges ideal for muscle growth and every workout includes a warm up and cool down. I provide a sample schedule – but you are free to adjust it as needed.

What if I don’t have enough weights at home?

All you need are a few dumbbells and some resistance bands (preferably longer ones like these). In the guide I share some techniques to still get the most out of your workouts even if you don’t have a huge variety of weight to work with.

I want to get toned, is this the right plan for me?

Yes! To get “toned” you need to build muscle. Strength training is the BEST way to build muscle and get that lean, toned look. It takes time and consistency but this plan will help you get started and help you become more comfortable with using weight. It provides a structured plan so you don’t have to guess or waste time finding random workouts.

Will this help me lose fat?

Weight loss and fat loss are more determined by nutrition than exercise. This is why I’m including my 5 Minute Meal Planner to help make healthy eating easier. Lifting weights and building muscle will help you have a healthier metabolism and burn more calories which can help with fat loss.

What People Are Saying…

“I love Amy’s workouts! It’s so easy to pull out my phone and instantly be able to have a quick and efficient workout at home or the gym!” 

Lauren F.

Amy’s workouts are amaaaazing! I even had the honor of a one on one workout session with her. She is knowledgable, kind, caring, and answers any questions I have!”

Jenn F.

Get fit and build strength from the comfort of your own home.

Skip the guess work and ditch the random workouts on TikTok. Following a plan will help you get results faster and is the best use of your workout time! Get started today!