Gone For a Run

Happy National Running Day!!

This week I’ve been reminiscing about my running journey, how it all started and how much joy running has brought me. So in honor of National Running Day (which just so happens to be right before my birthday, PERFECT!) I came up with my top 5 reasons of why running is amazing!!

1. It makes me strong. I’m not just talking physically, which is true, but also mentally. Running is tough. Most times (if not always) it is a mental game in which you must learn to overcome personal doubts of your own strength. When you do overcome those challenges it leaves you stronger, both mentally and physically. Running has taught me that I can do hard things!

2. Running makes me happy. How can it not with all those endorphins swarming around inside? No matter how I feel when I start a run, I ALWAYS feel great after, whether it was personal best or my slowest jog. Running allows me to think, clear my head, solve problems (or let them go) and enjoy some quality meeee time.

3. Running has provided me with opportunities to meet remarkable people! Honestly this is probably my favorite reason why running is so awesome. It’s a great social activity! Some of my closest relationships have been formed and strengthened through running. I have met so many fantastic individuals through jogging classes, Ragnar Relay teams, and local races. I have found there is no better way to get to know someone than by taking them on a jog with you. I just love my running buddies!

4. Running is what put me on the path of becoming a personal trainer and fitness lover. Ok, story time. Once upon a time I was a little sophomore in high school who thought running (and pretty much all exercise) was the WORST. I thought the cross country team was a bunch of crazies. Fast forward one year and I started going on short jogs with my mom (my parents have been runners for as long as I can remember). After a while this crazy thing happened…I was starting to enjoy running. Then I got this crazy idea…I was going to join the cross country team at my high school. Longs story short, I fell in love with running and eventually weight lifting and all things fitness. I never could have imagined that something I once resented would become one of my greatest passions.

5. Running allows me to see the world! I have been blessed to run in some gorgeous places. From the streets of London, Paris, and Belgium to the mountains in Aspen, Montana, and southern Utah, it’s amazing where your feet can carry you.

Hope all you runners have a marvelous National Running Day, and to all you beginners who aren’t converted yet…keep going!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a date with my running shoes.IMG_20140604_155738

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