tank top arms workout

Fun Tank Top Arms Workout

Guess what ladies, tank top arms are made in the winter! Here is a super simple biceps and triceps workout you can do at the gym or at home with just a few dumbbells!

Here’s the breakdown: 

  1. Yoga tricep push-ups. These are fun to do and will help you get batter at chaturanga too!
  2. Preacher curls. Lock your elbows in by your knees, keep the core tight, and curl up to your shoulders.
  3. Overhead tricep extension. Keep your elbows in one spot and hinge at the elbow. 
  4. Popeye curls. Alternate one arm at a time and slightly rotate the wrist at the top and squeeze that bicep!
  5. Bent over tricep extension. Hinge at your waist, keep your back flat, core tight, and hinge at the elbows. 
  6. Alternating curls. Do a normal curl up and hammer curl down. 

Do each move for 12-15 reps and repeat 3-5 times. Don’t forget to warm up and stretch after to reduce soreness and refuel with some protein after!



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Tank top arms workout! Simple biceps and triceps workout you can do at the gym or at home with a couple of dumbbells!

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