Enevive Review

Enevive Review -Whole Home Water Filtration

I have been looking for solutions to improve the water we drink for a long time. 

We have city water- so it’s been treated with all sorts of sketchy chemicals and our water is EXTREMELY hard where we live. 

(If you’re not familiar with how water is treated here in the US I highly recommend looking into it. You might be shocked like I was.) 

I own a Berkey filter that I  used for drinking and cooking and honestly loved it. However, I had always dreamed of whole home filtration. I always thought it would be really expensive and something we wouldn’t have until we were older. In fact I had Googled for whole home filtration systems and honestly couldn’t find very many options that looked promising or worth it. 

One day our friends mentioned their neighbors had recently installed a whole house filtration system and had really loved it. I immediately got their contact info and asked for details. 

They pointed us to Enevive- a water research company here in Utah. I had never heard of them but called them to schedule an at home consultation. The owner came to our home a few days later. 

Enevive Review- Our Experience with Enevive

I like to consider myself pretty well informed when it comes to environmental toxins in water but I learned a TON at that consultation- like how extremely hard our water really was with a home water test (which explained why our brand new dishwasher was struggling to clean our dishes), why regular water softeners aren’t very effective and can make things worse, and just how toxic city water really is. 

We were pretty eager for solutions and they had SEVERAL options for all sorts of budgets. In the end we decided to go with a reverse osmosis system for our drinking water. 

We also purchased a full house water treatment system- or what I call the BMW of water softeners -that filters out TONS of the nasty chemicals in tap water including chlorine, Trihalomethane, pesticides, insecticides, and VOCs. It uses a special activated coconut shell- something that has been studied to absorb these toxic chemicals OUT of the water.

They came and installed the system about a week later. We had our system for about a month when unfortunately I noticed the osmosis filters weren’t working properly- something that I was told rarely happens. They sent out the technician quickly and he replaced the entire osmosis system FOR FREE. It’s been working great since and we’ve had it for almost 8 months. 

I’ve noticed such a difference with our drinking water. It tastes amazing and SO pure. When friends and family come over they always mention how good our water tastes!

I also noticed a big difference with the tap water. It feels silky smooth, there’s less build up on the faucets, hardly any water spots, dishes are coming out sparkly clean (even using a non-toxic dishwashing soap) and there’s no chlorine smell in the shower. It’s been a game changer! 

Why go with Enevive? 

  • They are passionate about clean, pure water and creating change. First and foremost they are a water research company. They not only do consultations and sell top of the line water filtration systems but they also put a TON of time and energy into education. They work at a local and even national level to educate leaders and improve the quality of water. I LOVE the work they are doing to improve water quality and therefore the HEALTH of many many people. 
  • They are a family owned company that actually cares. Enevive is a family owned and run company and it shows that they truly care. You simply don’t get the kind of care and attention with a big box company! 
  • Options, options, options. They didn’t just suggest ONE brand or ONE system. They were happy to mix and match according to what we wanted and needed and our budget. I felt they were there to consult rather than to just sell us a product. 
  • Our Enevive system travels with us if we ever decide to move. Yep! They will uninstall everything and reinstall it in our new home. That’s huge for us as a young couple like us! They also consult and install out of state if you don’t live in Utah.
  • The pricing was reasonable and more affordable than I thought. Now don’t get me wrong this was still an investment for us- we went with the more expensive option because clean pure water is a big priority for us. But it was still way more affordable than I thought it was going to be according to past research. 
  • The osmosis system is better than any other option I’ve explored. I love that our osmosis system has its own faucet (that matches perfectly in our kitchen) and it has a custom pressurized membrane and non electric high pressure pump so the water comes out FAST! It’s also hooked up to our fridge- we actually use our fridge water and ice now!
  • Lifetime warranty. Since we paired our osmosis system with another full house treatment system we qualified for a lifetime warranty on everything and 6 months of free service. 
  • They demonstrate that your water is actually being filtered.  When they installed our filtration systems they repeatedly tested the water to show us that our systems were working properly. If they weren’t – they worked hard to address and fix the problem. 
  • They support Charity Water– a non-profit that aims to bring clean and safe water to people around the world. 

Wrapping it Up

Overall we’ve been very happy with Evenvive and I would recommend them to anyone looking for whole house filtration and safer water.  I knew pretty quickly I wanted to work with them and share all the amazing work they’ve been doing to improve water quality and educate. 

I’m grateful for the peace of mind I have that our water truly is clean!

Let me know if this Enevive review was helpful!

Enevive Review- Home water filtration


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