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Berkey Filters Review-Cleaner, Better Water?

As I continue my wellness journey and as I learn about ways to make my home as non-toxic as possible, I learned one shocking fact:

My so called clean drinking tap water isn’t clean at all.

I’ll go into more detail on this later, but this new found knowledge spurred me to look into finding a high quality filter that would last and give me some peace of mind.

That search led me to Berkey Filters and purchasing a Travel Berkey. I’ve now had it for 8 months and this is my honest Berkey Filters review!

This post contains affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Why I decided to get a Berkey 

For years all I drank was tap water and I had NO CLUE how much crap is actually in our water system. 

If you have no idea what i’m talking about, just take a quick look on the EWG tap water database to see what your city actually allows in your drinking water (like arsenic and uranium). It’s pretty shocking and it’s no wonder so many people are sick. I’ve also learned that bottled water isn’t much better since tiny bits of plastic can leach into your water. Yuck! 

After doing some research, learning about the best filters, and seeing so many positive Berkey Filters reviews out there, I decided to go with Berkey Filters and a Berkey System.

Berkey removes more than 200 different types of contaminants including heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, prescription medication (yes that’s also in tap water) and more. 

I thought it was going to be hard to convince Jonny we needed a Berkey, but once I explained everything to him and what I’d learned about tap water he was totally on board. He’s the best. 

What is the Berkey Water Filter System? 

berkey filters review- in my kitchen

Berkey Filters has several different water filtration options. They offer medium to large water containers with their top of the line filters, extra filters that filter out things like fluoride. (Personally I think fluoride belongs in toothpaste and not my water.), as well as shower filters that can reduce the amount of chlorine you breathe in from shower mist. 

Personally, I own the Travel Berkey, the smallest water container. It holds up to 1.5 gallons and is perfect for Jonny and I. I also have the Berkey Sport water bottles for when we travel so we can have cleaner water no matter where we go. 

We got our Berkey from the scratch and dent shop (they sell containers that have been aesthetically damaged but nothing major) since it was a little more affordable and honestly, I couldn’t find anything wrong with it. 

It was pretty easy to follow their YouTube instructions on how to prime the filters and put it all together. We’ve been enjoying cleaner water for almost 8 months now! 

What Does Berkey Water Filter Out? 

SO MUCH CRAP. It’s really awesome how much Berkey Filters can filter out. You can read on their site what exactly it can filter out and the tests to prove it, but here’s the gist: 

  • Berkey Removes Viruses to >99.999%
  • Berkey Removes Pathogenic Bacteria (And Surrogates) to >99.9999%
  • Berkey Removes Heavy Metals (High & Low pH Levels) up to 99.9%
  • Berkey Removes Micro-Organisms to >99.9%
  • Berkey Removes Pharmaceutical Drug Contaminants to >99.9%
  • Also removes or reduces: Arsenic (>99.9%); Escherichia coli (E. Coli) (>99.999%); Fluorene (>99.9%); Manganese (>99.9%); MBAS (>96.67%); Nitrites (>95%); PCB s (>99.9%); Petroleum Products (Gasoline, Diesel, Crude Oil, Kerosene, Mineral Spirits, Refined Oil- All >99.9%); Selenium (>99.9%); Thallium (>99.5%); Rust; Silt; Sediment; Turbidity; Foul Tastes and Odors.
  • Berkey Removes Pesticides & Volatile Organic Compounds to Below Lab Detectable Limits

How does Berkey Water Taste? 

Berkey water tastes SO much better than tap or even bottled water. You don’t think you can tell a difference until you go somewhere else and drink different water. 

It’s fresher with no weird metally tastes or mineral tastes like you sometimes get with bottled water. We love the taste! 

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How long do Berkey Water Filters Last? 

According to the Berkey website, most filters last about 6 months. We let ours go for 8 months before swapping them out. The replacement filters are a little expensive, but you’d probably save money if you’re used to buying bottled water all the time.  

How to Get the Best Deal on a Berkey Water Filter? 

You’ll get the best deal on a Berkey when you shop their Scratch and Dent options. These Berkey’s have minor factory blemishes that DON’T affect the quality or functionality of your system. Personally, I couldn’t see anything wrong with ours except maybe a couple scratches. 

You can also find a great deal when they have occasional sales, especially around Earth Day!

All Berkey Water systems come with a lifetime warranty (minus the filters, you’ll have to replace those every 6 months or so) and 30 day returns if you’re not happy with it. 

Wrapping it Up

Personally I’m SO grateful for my Travel Berkey. We have it sitting on our countertop and keep cold water in the fridge to refill it a few times a day. We love having clean fresh water at home and we love bringing the Sport Berkey water bottles with us when we travel so we can have clean water on the go. 

I hope this Berkey Filters review helped you! If you’re ready to clean up your water click here to start shopping! 

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