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My Favorite Affordable Non-Toxic Cleaners

To be completely honest, I’ve had mixed feelings about the whole “clean living” movement. Ya know, all the non-toxic makeup, skincare, and cleaning supplies that are out there.

I think it’s totally awesome that we are becoming more aware of what ingredients are in the products we use every day. I think it’s great that you can now buy non-toxic just about everything.

What I don’t like about it is when bloggers, influencers, or companies spread fear and negativity to try and sway people to buy these non-toxic products, many of which are expensive and may not be needed or realistic for everyone. 

So, let me first start out by saying that this blog post is NOT intended to make you feel like you need to go and throw away all of your traditional cleaning products, skincare, makeup, whatever. Not at all.

What I do hope to shed light on is that if you do care about having a non-toxic, clean home or even just want SOME of your products to be less toxic, you do have options and not all of them will clear out your bank account.

I’ve been slowly swapping out some of my traditional home cleaners with non-toxic cleaners because it’s what I think is best for ME and my family. I do think it’s important to be choosy with what products you use every day. 

I simply want to share what I’ve found and how much easier it was than I first thought. This post isn’t sponsored in any way, I’m just hoping to help! If you’ve done your research and think that non-toxic products are best for you and your family, here are some I recommend! 

My Favorite Affordable Non-Toxic Cleaners

favorite non toxic cleaner

DIY Option #1:

This one is super simple. Simply mix rubbing alcohol with a little water for an easy disinfectant cleaner. You could also potentially add essential oils like orange or lemon too to help give it a fresh smell. I just got a small spray bottle from the store and keep it filled with this duo. I use it when cleaning countertops, door handles, the toilet seat and more!

DIY Option #2

Another super simple option for cleaning is vinegar (if you can handle the smell). It’s been a natural cleaner for a long time, and you can surprisingly use it for a lot of things like getting sticky stuff out of the carpet, cleaning gunk out of sinks, and showerheads. You DO need to be careful using vinegar on some surfaces like hardwood, granite, marble, soapstone, and cleaning up certain foods like eggs.

Here is another great list of DIY cleaners for a variety of surfaces.

Brandless Products

brandless products

I recently discovered Brandless, and honestly, it’s awesome for affordable non-toxic products!

Everything at Brandless is $3. Literally. I’ve filled a box of all the essential cleaning supplies plus some extra goodies for under $30!

Here’s what I’ve used and loved so far:

  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Dish soap
  • Organic cotton tampons
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Aloe shaving gel
  • Organic cold-pressed coconut oil

If you got ALL of these things it would only cost you $27. Some of the items are a little smaller, but they still last a decent amount of time for the price.

If you want to try out Brandless, I have a referral link they gave me when I made my first purchase. It gets you $6 off and I’ll get $6 off my next order if you use it! This isn’t sponsored, just a give some get some kind of deal.

Branch Basics

When I first came across Branch Basics I thought the price seemed a little high. Then they reached out to me to send me their kit. You guys, that was OVER 6 months ago and I STILL haven’t used all of the cleaning solution they sent me. It seriously lasts forever and works so well.

Branch Basics works by giving you one cleaning solution which you then dilute with water to make it work for a variety of areas like the kitchen, bathroom, glass cleaner, and even laundry. It’s 100% non-toxic, female-owned, and does wonders for getting out stains. It’s my favorite go-to cleaner for dirty jobs.

Here’s my referral link so you can try Branch Basics for $10 off! 

Wrapping It Up

Personally, I feel so much more peace of mind knowing that my cleaning products are less toxic. Since we’ve switched I’ve noticed a difference!

If you have any affordable natural cleaning or beauty products you recommend, I’d love to hear about them!

Happy cleaning!

My favorite non-toxic affordable cleaners! These options do a great job of cleaning and are safer for you, your home, and loved ones!

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