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Aculief Review: Natural Headache & Tension Relief

Headaches suck. 

I’m a total baby when it comes to headaches. Jonny on the other hand deals with chronic headaches. Even though he’s much more tough with them and can manage them pretty well, he still has bad days. 

That’s why when Aculief reached out and asked if I wanted to try and review some of their natural headache relief wearables I said YES!

We both try and avoid pain killers whenever possible so anything that’s natural that can help we are both willing to try. 

Aculief sent me their Aculief wearable acupressure for your hand and their headache hat. It actually came at the perfect time because both Jonny and I have been battling head colds all week. When we get head colds, we usually get some sinus pressure or headache tension so we were eager to try out our new natural relief gadgets.

Here is my honest Aculief Review! 

This product was gifted to me by Aculief. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Aculief Review: Natural Headache Relief 

Aculief Wearable Acupressure™ : The Wearable For Your Hand

Jonny and I both wore the wearable acupressure hand gadget for about an hour on days when we were experiencing headaches/sinus pressure. 

Our experience? 

For Jonny, he said it did help take the edge off his headache, but it didn’t magically go away. The wearable fits his hand nicely and he was able to wear it while working. 

For me, I noticed the same. It took the edge off but didn’t solve the issue completely. I also had a harder time wearing it since I feel like it was a little big for my hand. I think I just needed the smaller size and it would have fit just right! It was a little weird to have on at first, but after a while, you forget it’s there. 

aculief wearable acupressure

It’s pretty subtle, so you can wear it at work (as long as you don’t need to use your hands to lift or grab things) or while you’re relaxing for some relief. 

The things I think that could make it even better are to include more instructions on how to find the right pressure point on your hand ( they do have good instructions on their site, but I think it would be helpful on the package!)

This little gadget from Aculief comes in several colors, is small, and discreet. 

Aculief Headache Hat: The Wearable for Your Head. 

headache hat from aculief

Jonny and I both LOVE the headache hat. We both noticed more relief and it just felt really dang good. 

The Headache hat comes with little cushions of non-toxic cooling gel in the hat which lasts for about 30 minutes. When you put the hat on it’s like immediate cooling comfort. Like someone is giving your noggin a gentle hug. 

You can also pull it over your eyes which is amazing for migraines. Jonny’s migraines are usually triggered by light, so an eye mask is always necessary when he’s recovering from them. 

I wore the headache hat for about an hour one night and felt a difference as soon as I put it on. When I took it off I noticed more pain creeping in so I put it right back on until it was time to go to sleep. 

It looks a little silly, I was definitely laughing at Jonny while he was wearing it, but it really did help our headaches and felt amazing. 

The headache hat comes in three different colors, is affordable, and reusable up to 300 cycles. That’s almost a whole year if you wear it almost every day!

Overall Thoughts of Aculief

I’m really glad I got to try out these products and share my Aculief review. I’m always looking for natural solutions to common problems. Since headaches are something Jonny deals with often, I was eager to see if the Aculief products made a difference. 

Again, both products helped with tension, but the headache hat was by far more helpful and comfortable. Neither completely solved our headaches, but I’m glad we found something natural and drug-free that does help with the pressure. 

You can learn more and shop all of Aculief products here! 

Aculief Review: Natural Headache Relief

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