5 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easy

5 Tips to Make Healthy Eating Easy with Trainer Kelli

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Kelli is a personal trainer, nutritionist, and mama. She helps others live a maintainable, healthy lifestyle by sharing recipes, tips, and workouts. Kelli loves creating recipes, doing anything active, and spending time with her boys. She put together her top 5 tips to make healthy eating easy. You can see more from her on her blog or on Instagram

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Always have healthy snacks on hand.

Having healthy snacks on hand is a must for keeping me on track. The times I struggle are when I’m out of healthy snacks, I’m starving, and need something now because the hangar has kicked it. I usually end up snacking on not so healthy things while I cook my meal.

Protein balls are my favorite to always keep on hand. I make a big batch every week. If you haven’t hopped on the protein ball train and tried the peanut buttery goodness, it’s time to board! It’s like eating cookie dough! Get my recipe here.

Another favorite of mine is Amy’s Double Chocolate Muffins. They make all of your chocolatey dreams come true while being made with good, clean ingredients. They are high protein and fiber and make the perfect breakfasts for on-the-go. Get the recipe here.

Take snacks on-the-go.

I know we just talked about snacks, but this is different. Hear me out. I almost always have food with me wherever I go. For me, it’s a game-changer when it comes to staying on track. How often do we think we are running a quick errand and end up being gone for hours? I like to always have snacks that are easy to take on-the-go.

Finding healthy options can be tricky because most healthy things go bad quickly and need to be refrigerated, making it hard to find things to take on-the-go.

I recently posted about Autumn’s Gold grain-free bars. Check out the post here. They are sold at Costco and so yummy. They taste like the candied almonds you get at Christmas time. I like to keep something like that in my purse, diaper bag, and in my car so that I always have something when I end up being gone longer than intended.

Plan ahead.

I plan out what I am going to have for each meal before I grocery shop. I make sure to think about what I have going on that week and plan around how busy I am going to be. When I’ve already decided what I am going to be cooking for each meal, staying on track becomes so simple.

I went to the beach last week and knew I would be gone most of the day so I made sure to have a quick, simple dinner planned for that night. The times I don’t know what I am going to eat is when I usually end up snacking all day. Knowing what to make can be the hardest part. If you need some new recipes, check some of mine out here.

Choose food you enjoy.

You don’t have to eat chicken and broccoli for every meal to eat healthy. In fact, if you do that, you most likely won’t stick with it. You want to eat foods that you enjoy so that it’s a maintainable lifestyle, not a quick fix or a diet.

I have so much fun coming up with healthier ways to make my favorite foods. This goes back to planning, but when you’re making your weekly menu, find fun recipes that you are excited about trying. For example, there is this restaurant that makes the most delicious steak salad and I decided to recreate my own version. I think I might like mine even better which gets rid of the temptation to go out to eat.

Meal prep.

Meal prep can be a real lifesaver for those super busy days. When you come home from a long exhausting day, the last thing you want to do is cook a meal. This is where a lot of people end up getting take out. Having food already prepared makes healthy eating so much easier. This is about the only meal I like reheated.

If you’re like me and prefer your food fresh and not reheated, you can just prep everything for the meal like chopping the veggies, prepping the meat, and having it all ready to go so that you just need to cook it when you’re ready. This is where planning ahead is key. See how it all works together?

Wrapping it Up

I hope these tips to make healthy eating easy help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. I know they have really helped make healthy eating easy for me.

Last but probably the most important, set a goal. These tips are great and will help you but make sure you are setting a goal. Cater it to wherever you are on your fitness journey. If you are just starting out, make the goal of hitting one of these for a week, and build from there.

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