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5 Tips for More Confidence in the Gym

I definitely know what it feels like to feel a little nervous or out of place at the gym. The first time, the first several times actually, I walked into a gym I felt so insecure. I’m a shy person at heart and thought that everyone was going to judge me for clearly being the newbie at the gym.

I wore baggy clothes (which is totally fine btw but I did it to hide) and would go to some corner to workout alone. ⠀⠀

Then I realized that I wasn’t here for other people. I was here for ME and my health progress. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought. (The truth is most people at the gym don’t notice you and don’t care so do your thang!) 

Even now, 10 years later, when I step into a new gym or class for the first time, old feelings rush back. Is everyone going to judge me? How long will it take for me to find my way around? 

Over the years I’ve learned some tricks that help me stay confident in the gym and make it a truly enjoyable experience! 

5 Tips for More Confidence in the Gym

confidence at the gym

1. Go with a plan but be adaptable. 

When you have a plan you’re less likely to waste time and feel like you’re just wandering around looking like a newb. If you had a specific workout in mind but a piece of equipment isn’t available, don’t be afraid to go with the flow and move on to the next exercise or use a replacement exercise. Have a plan, but be adaptable when needed!

2. Wear comfortable and appropriate clothing/shoes.

When you’ve got the right gear for the exercises you’ll be doing and clothing that makes you feel confident, it shows! Make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes that support your workout. Make sure you’ve got the right sports bra, top, and bottoms for the workout you plan to do. For example, I don’t recommend a low impact bra on plyo days or see through leggings on leg day! 

3. Get a good playlist going.

It’s easy to enjoy yourself and forget about everyone around you when you’ve got a plan AND good jams. Create a couple playlist that motivate you and get you excited to move. Studies have actually shown that music can help you workout harder and longer if that’s your goal! 

4. Ignore everyone else.

Trust me. NO ONE is there to judge you. And if there are some Karens? Who cares!? You’re not there to impress other people. You’re there to move your body and get stronger! Plug into your tunes, remember your plan, and walk tall and proud. The important thing is you are there working on YOU! 

confidence at the gym

5. Be prepared for the unexpected.

Sometimes when you’re at the gym, mother nature pays her visit or maybe a hair tie breaks. Life happens! I like to keep feminine products, extra hair ties, a brush, and deodorant just in case! Knowing you’re prepared for the unexpected annoyances can help you relax, feel more confident,  and have a better workout. 

Wrapping it Up

I hope these five tips help you have more confidence in the gym! Having a place to workout and feel comfortable at is so important, but sometimes it’s up to YOU to boost your own confidence. Remember, we all were beginners once!

Do you have any gym tips that I missed? Share them in the comments! 

5 tips for more confidence at the gym!


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