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15 Simple Ways to Move More and Sit Less

If you want to eliminate a risk factor for chronic disease, feel better, have more energy, and look better, then sitting all day long is NOT an option.

Unfortunately for those of us with desk jobs, getting our movement in during the day can be a serious struggle.

You don’t have to totally give up and be discouraged though. There are small and simple ways to still get in movement during the day, no matter how busy you are!

I mean if busy CPAs, who are quite literally chained to their desks working 15 hour days this time of year, can get up and move, so you can you. (I would know. I worked at my dad and brother’s accounting firm for three years and they still managed to get some movement during their 15 hour days.)

Here are some simple ways you can increase your movement each and every day without taking up ridiculous amounts of your time. Let’s work smarter, not harder!

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15 ways to move more and sit less!

1. Drink lots of water.

What does drinking more water have to do with moving? Simple, you’ll have to get up and pee more! Keep a reusable water bottle by your desk (I personally have been loving this one from Amazon) and drink often. Getting up to use the restroom is a great excuse to move!


2. Do 20 squats or jumping jacks every time you go to the bathroom.

Now that you’ll be using the bathroom more frequently, let’s add some squats to the equation! You’ll burn more calories and make good use of your bathroom time.


3. Park farther away.

This one is a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how few of us actually park farther away to get more steps. Try it every time you go to the grocery store, gym, or anywhere! You’ll also lessen your chance of getting a door ding because #lesscars.


4. Take a walk at lunch.

Do you get 30 or 60 minutes for lunch? Instead of spending money to go out and sitting more, use part of that time to go for a walk or even to the gym! Getting some mid-day exercise will help you avoid those afternoon slumps too.


5. Wake up with 5-minute yoga, not coffee.

I know what some of you may be thinking. That there is NO WAY you could give up your coffee. But just try it! waking up to some yoga is a much better option. You’ll get the blood and endorphins flowing, feel more awake, and have a positive start to your day.


6. Stand while you work.

I started standing for part of my time at work about a year ago and I love it! It’s a great way to keep yourself awake when you otherwise might feel tired. If you have the option, try standing for an hour or so now and then during your workday. I recently got this standing desk for my home office and love it!


7. Do some push-ups during commercials.

Commercials are annoying anyway. You don’t need to watch them! Mute the TV and give me 50! 😉


8. For every 30 minutes of Netflix you watch do 5 minutes of exercise.

This is more than reasonable! Those pushups during commercials can even count. 😉


9. Take the stairs.

My dad is 72 years young, but you’d never guess it. Why? Well, besides his generally healthy diet and lifestyle, during his 40 years as a CPA he took the stairs (22 flights) every. single. day. So skip the elevator and ALWAYS take the stairs! It keeps you young!


10. Clean your house.

Although cleaning shouldn’t replace regular, structured exercise, it’s still a great way to get up and move! Plus who doesn’t enjoy a tidy home?


11. Aim for 30 minutes of quality exercise time each day.

You don’t have to get a gym pass or become a marathon runner to get quality exercise. The key is to mix it up, try a variety of things, and stick with what you enjoy! 


12. Cook a healthy meal.

Yes, cooking counts as movement! Cooking is a great way to break up your sitting and you’ll improve an important skill for overall health. 

13. Do some calf raises.

Do you brush your teeth every day? (I sincerely hope you answer yes. 😂) Try some calf raises while you brush or even when you’re standing in lines.

14. Stretch while you read your emails.

I know lots of people who walk while going through emails. If you don’t have that option, try some stretching instead! Here are some of the best desk stretches you can do next time you’re going through your inbox.


15. Jog with a friend.

Because jogging with friends is WAY better than jogging alone! I’ve forged some lasting friendships and memories all from running with awesome people! So grab your buddy and go!


Just because you’re busy or have a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to get up and move! Try some of these simple suggestions to move more and sit less and let me know what you think!


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