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 As a certified nutritionist, yoga teacher, and personal trainer, I help busy ladies like yourself get fit, healthy, and feel amazing by helping you implement small and simple lifestyle changes.
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Forget fad diets and expensive trends. I give you the facts based on science and break it down so it's simple to understand. Looking for healthy but delicious recipes? I've got that too.

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Get the scientific knowledge you need to get fit without all the confusion. Oh, and have a blast while doing it. Free workouts, tips, and more.

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Holistic Health

Wellness is more than just fitness and nutrition. I give you free tools and knowledge to help you feel your best mentally and physically.

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Healthy Travel

Traveling is good for the body, mind, and soul. Come get my travel guides, tips, tricks and come adventure around the world with me!

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My name is Amy, I’m the author and creator of this little space on the internet. I’m here to serve you, the busy working woman, by providing you with educational tools so you can live a healthier more balanced life. 

I work full time myself as a content manager, so I understand the challenge of balancing health, work, relationships, and all things adulting.


Here on my site, you can expect healthy recipes, simplified nutrition and fitness tips, reviews of products I love and recommend, and maybe a post here and there about my travels around the world.

I believe education is the key to taking control of your health and that you’re smart enough to apply what you learn without being handheld. Because duh, you’re a strong independent woman!

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Products & Free Downloads

The Simplified Guide to Nutrition

I created The Simplified Guide to Nutrition to help you make sense of all things nutrition. In this eBook, I’ll walk you through nutrition basics like what the macronutrients and micronutrients are, how to track your nutrition, and how to find a nutrition plan that works for you and your goals. No guessing. No strict diets. No extremes.

6 Day Balanced Workout Guide

I created my free 6-day workout schedule (with videos!) to give you a guideline of what a typical workout week could like like for you. Each workout takes 30 min or less to complete so it’s perfect for busy ladies like you!

Wellness Tracking Bundle

Keep track of your sleep, nutrition, fitness goals and more. With my free Wellness Tracking Bundle you’ll be able to implement healthier habits faster and easier. 

What My Customers Say

“This nutrition book was so helpful! It broke everything down in a simple, easy to understand way. It gave all the groundwork needed and made me feel like I could actually plan my own healthy meals and carry out a healthy lifestyle.” 

– Brindy D.

“I love Amy’s workouts! It’s so easy to pull out my phone and instantly be able to have a quick and effecient workout at home or the gym!” 

– Lauren F.

“I can’t express enough how amazing this book was. It was broken down easy so I could understand, very insightful. Amy’s workouts are amaaaazing! I use her videos ALL the time! I even had the honor of a one on one workout session with her. She is knowledgable, kind, caring, and answers any questions I have!”

-Jenn G. 

“This book has helped me understand the fundamentals of nutrition. I now feel prepared to shop for healthy foods and don’t just go strictly off calorie counting. Highly recommend!”

-Becky H.